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Office : Mac 2011 October 29, 2010

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Received the Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 today! Going to install it and see if its all what its made out to be.

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RLabs on Memeburn October 26, 2010

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Startup nominated for prestigious international social media award as per article published on Memeburm this morning.

When you’re working in a community that has been devastated by drug abuse and ravaged by social problems, then prestigious marketing awards probably seem a million miles away. But that is the strange position that Reconstructed Living Labs (RLabs) finds itself in after being nominated in the category “Best Use of Mobile” in the first annual Bees Awards, which recognises outstanding work in the field of social media. Read more…

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The Most Influential Women in Web2.0 May 13, 2010

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We thought it quite appropriate to share this slideshow with our readers as our focus is Women and Technology. Whether it’s finding the geek in every woman (Madam Geek) or empowering women through technology (She’s the Geek).

Meet The Most Influential Women in Web 2.0

View more presentations from guest190b7a.

She’s the Geek has been interviewing women across South Africa over the past few months. The interviews have been a huge success. And it has been humbling at the same time to meet such amazing women right here. Soon we will have interviews with women from the Northern Hemisphere. Looking forward to some interesting collaborations.


Time is up! April 14, 2010

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I have never seen a timer like this before at any conference. Time is up! This is the timer used at the Innovation Fair I attended today. See my previous post about the event and our involvement.

And this brings us to end of Day 1.


RLabs at Innovation Fair

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Reconstructed Living Lab (RLabs) is excited to be the Social Media partner at the Innovation Fair.

  • About RLabs

    A Reconstructing interaction space for collaborative design, creation,
    dissemination and application of knowledge for empowerment, upliftment
    and development of people and communities in or headed for tension
    through the use of innovative ICT solutions.

RLabs and its Social Media Factory project have been elected as the Social Media Partner for the World
Bank’s conference. This opportunity to partner with the World Bank is
such a great honour and especially considering the story of RLabs. Most
of the RLabs team are community members from a developing community who
had no formal education or computer literacy and many with no hope and
not much to live for. Seeing how the team have grown and how the
community are adopting and using technologies is testament to the great
work being done by this group of incredible individuals. We will have a
special post on the team who will be at the Innovation Fair this week
who will share more about their backgrounds and experiences being part
of RLabs.

Most members of the RLabs team have their own personal blogs. Follow the rest of the team: Monique, Brent, Craig, Clinton and Marlon.

You can follow the live Twitter Updates using: #innovfair


Madam Geek enters… September 30, 2009

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This blog is dedicated to all women out there in the cloud!
For years women young and old have been using social media and technology to enhance their lives.
I have a very good friend who inspired me to create this blog.

Stay tuned for further inspirations and read the blog post dedicated to the Madam Geek.
Yours truly,
Fellow Madam Geek


Madam Geek!

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I have a very good friend who inspired me to create this blog.

Her name is Monique Theron and she is an  amazing young lady. Not only is she a single, working mom but she finds the time to have her own blog and heads up the social media portfolio at the company she works for.

I have watched her over the past year and I have never been more inspired to use social media and push it to its limits. Monique has experimented, tried, tested and even created various social media tools to enhance her life and now in the business arena.

So Monique, my friend: my first blog post is dedicated to you: Madam Geek!

Stay tuned for further developments.

Yours truly,

Fellow Madam Geek

Monique Theron and baby Meeka

Monique Theron and baby Meeka

Monique and Rene

Monique and Rene