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Office for Mac 2011 and then some… November 1, 2010

The new version of Mac Office – the first major revision for the suite since 2008 – also includes Outlook as its e-mail client for the first time, replacing Entourage. This is probably the best news for most PC to Mac shifters. Over 1 billion PCs and Macs run Microsoft Office and Office for Mac, making the Office franchise the most used productivity suite worlwide. The latest offering for the Mac builds on Microsoft’s drive towards allowing one to work the way you want, where you want.

A few of the features to look forward to are:
1) The improvements to Outlook. Outlook for Mac 2011 allows you to see your calendar from within your email, as well as allowing you to read and save related emails in a single thread.
2) The new Office Web Apps let you post, edit and share Office documents from where you want with nearly any computer with a browser, allowing you to co-author a document with multiple people in multiple locations. (this is useful for collaborations)
3) Messenger for Mac 8 enables you to communicate in real-time with audio and video support, and Remote Desktop for Mac 2 so you can drive your Windows-based PC from your Mac.

This product is available in stores since 26 October locally, the suite comes in two editions at retail, both available with either a single user license, or a multiple user option – Office for Mac Home and Student 2011 (ERP: R999-R1299) and Office for Mac Home and Business 2011 (ERP: R2499-R2699). For better alignment across platforms, the Office for Mac 2011 pricing and edition options, map closer with Office for the Windows operating system.

This has to be the most intensive and thorough Installation and Overview Video yet to be viewed.

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