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RLabs in the Tech Report (via From the balcony…) June 18, 2010

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Rlabs in the Tech Report RLabs has again drawn interest from the media, this time etv’s new show ‘Tech Report’ paid them a visit to get some footage and the story behind the success of RLabs. The crew arrived and were surprised to find that RLabs only consisted of one room they are renting from Impact Direct, a community based organisation in Bridgetown. They interviewed Marlon Parker, founder of RLabs, a Social Entrepreneur and an Information Technology Lecturer at Cap … Read More

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She’s the Geek gets interviewed! May 13, 2010

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Today at the Net Prophet event at Old Mutual, She’s the Geek was on the otherside of the interview. She’s the Geek interviews a female every week under: Woman of the Week.

She was caught off guard and had to give an interview with no preparation.

Net Prophet wanted to know what we think of the presentations so far. You will have to read She’s the Geek to hear what she has to say.


Google Phone comes to South Africa May 3, 2010

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She’s the Geek just updated her blog. She’s the Geek has two brilliant posts for the day. Please read: Interview with Cath Jenkins and Google Phone comes to South Africa

I have inserted the slideshare presentation on Google Phone comes to South Africa: