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Madam Geek! September 30, 2009

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I have a very good friend who inspired me to create this blog.

Her name is Monique Theron and she is an  amazing young lady. Not only is she a single, working mom but she finds the time to have her own blog and heads up the social media portfolio at the company she works for.

I have watched her over the past year and I have never been more inspired to use social media and push it to its limits. Monique has experimented, tried, tested and even created various social media tools to enhance her life and now in the business arena.

So Monique, my friend: my first blog post is dedicated to you: Madam Geek!

Stay tuned for further developments.

Yours truly,

Fellow Madam Geek

Monique Theron and baby Meeka

Monique Theron and baby Meeka

Monique and Rene

Monique and Rene


One Response to “Madam Geek!”

  1. Monique Says:

    Thanks Rene for your support, I look forward to accomplishing and achieving so much more and to be working alongside you.

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