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“Don’t think for someone, listen to them” June 13, 2020

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When I was scrolling through my Twitter Feed, I read a tweet by John Cena (yes, I follow @JohnCena and really hope its not a fake account). I actually like reading his tweets as its always inspiring and way less than 140 characters, which provides quick punchy lines, that get you to consider an alternative to your natural train of thought. I am a firm believer that there is always more to everything. Whether it is what people say, do or what we see with the naked eye, there is always more. We should always be inquisitive and not just accept things as they are presented to us.


So, when I read the tweet today “Don’t think for someone, listen to them”, I was reminded of some of the conversations I have had during this lockdown period in haste. It seems that my life has been busier than usual and I have been spending more time communicating virtually than face to face. This of course leaves room for lots of misunderstanding or misinterpreting what the other person is saying. Usually when you speak to someone face to face you can easily read their body language, facial expression and just pick up on a feeling you get when you are in close proximity. For me this applies to both business and social conversations. Through these many hours of conversations, I have to admit I was guilty many times of assuming what the other person meant and just jumped to next point on the agenda or in a conversation because time is always too little.

Why does the new normal make me want to think for everyone and not take the time to listen? I have also been on the receiving end of this too. When on calls the discussion is rushed and there is no time for pleasantries or jokes but let’s get straight to the point and it seems we are rushing somewhere. Yet I sit for 8-12 hours a day in front of my laptop communicating with others. Crazy that with all this time set aside to communicate, there is no time to listen!

5d65760349599313b56df8ff_59de92884edc3800017fd9c0_ListenThis has become such a bad habit on my side and I have had to pause and make a conscious decision to ask someone how they are and just have them share as little or as much as they like. So I had to make time in my day for chatting about real stuff. I don’t feel guilty anymore, at least that much has changed. I used to feel so bad about not putting in enough time to meet deadlines and work on projects or even just getting them done.

At the beginning of lockdown I had a long list of things I wanted to do and new projects to start. It’s Day 79 today and to be really honest with myself, I have only completed 10% of what I set out to do. How terrible is that? When I am the one that encourages others to dream, create and take the time out to think and breath.

The realisation hit me that the “someone” can also be myself. Yourself. Don’t think for someone, listen to them! Don’t just think for yourself, listen to yourself!


Proof of Life June 12, 2020

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While we were experiencing a storm; with the wind, rain and hail beating down on the roof of the church, I sat through a funeral service of someone dear to our hearts and we mourned with each other. The weather seemed appropriate for the occasion and we all endured the cold and rain in order to pay our last respects to the deceased. The minister officiating the funeral service preached his sermon with great passion and sincerity and his message title was: Proof of Life.


As I was sitting on a bench in the church and watching all 30 of us practicing social distancing in the pews and with our masks on, it was a good opportunity to watch everyone in this new way of mourning. To be honest, it was super weird. We had to sanitise and make sure we all wore masks and no one could sit together. At funerals its the one place where you could literally sit on top of each other to narrow the space and show your support to one another. But today, there were “Red” X’s with approximately 1,5m between the next X. Of course when anyone coughed all the mourners turned around immediately and starred at you. Another strange new normal is that, coughing is not allowed in any situation and it is deemed the most inappropriate action no matter how involuntary or randomly it occurs.

Let me not digress and get back to my point. The sermon preached: Proof of Life definitely provoked my train of thought to drift off during the service. I know that this phrase is commonly used to indicate proof that a kidnap victim is still alive which was depicted in a 2000 American action thriller film with the same name.

Thinking more in depth about this and understanding that we have proof of birth, which is a birth certificate and we get proof of death, which is a death certificate. But Proof of Life? This could not be as easy as just showing you my CV, Bio, LinkedIn profile or even my About on Facebook right? All of these are merely tools I use to show others a reflection of myself that I am comfortable showing the world. Or sometimes it is used purely to fuel my ego and to pat myself on the back and say how great I am and show off how much I have achieved. Come on now we all do this! How many times do you go back to check, how many likes or shares you receive everyday on the places where you show a reflection of yourself to the world?

There has to be more depth to me and a deeper meaning to my life. What is my proof of life? What would really prove that I have lived or what kind of life I have led. What will you say is your proof of life?


Making a Comeback …. June 7, 2020

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What a blast from the past? I came across a blog post on Madam Geek (my personal blog) that was posted in 2010. 11 years ago I started this blog and only blogged on it for 3 years. It captures so many of my early encounters and my very personal journey with technology and my love for certain products and tools that allowed me to access the world wide web. I feel that I was definitely an early adopter when it came to social media tools and various technologies. This was influenced by the community (virtual and real) I found myself immersed in just over 10 years ago.

RLabs was just a dream at the time. We were a group of people that thought we could change our realities when we change our minds and that we wanted everyone we came into contact with, to go on this journey with us. We were relentless in our pursuit for a better future and were not afraid to have people tell us we were crazy or what we were wanting to achieve was unrealistic. We became a Social Revolution! Fast forward 11 years RLabs is still around and we changed our tagline to “Making HOPE Contagious”. You are free to read more about RLabs on our website.

RLabs Overview (March2019)KPIs (1)

I was truly privileged to have been part of the amazing journey of growing and learning together with this community. We have all grown and evolved over the years and now I get to innovate in different areas (mostly still technology) but added some entrepreneurship and investment to the mix. A few of the new projects I have embarked on are: RLabs Women and Junk.Fund.

Of course I have a few passion projects that I am involved in. But I will leave those for another day/blog post. I really just wanted to revive this blog and not lose all the nuggets and experiences shared in the early days. I am so glad I chose to keep my blog on and not move it to a self-hosted domain (here it would have died a lonely death as I would not have chosen to renew the domain year after year).


Accidental Billionaire… October 26, 2010

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Last night we had an opportunity to watch The Social Network at Ster Kinekor in Cavendish Square, Claremont. There has been many opinions and comments about this movie since the trailer was released earlier this year. As part of our daily work at RLabs is to tell people about Social Media and introduce them to various social networks, thus it was good to get the background and history of Facebook. Most of the people we train proclaim that Facebook is their favourite social network. We hope that all our trainees will set aside 2hours of their time to go and watch the movie.


What did you StumbleUpon today? October 1, 2010

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I do enjoy it when I StumbleUpon something easy. I have heard about and read about QR codes for a while now, but was never really interested to use it or get into it. I prefer things to be easy and just at my finger tips.

The best of the web at your fingertips

Download from the Apple Store
Or, on your phone’s browser, visit

Point your Android phone to this QR Code.
Your barcode reader should be able to read
it and launch the Market. (no code?)

Or, on your phone’s browser, visit

* Easily explore pages in your favorite topics and on top sites (Flickr, YouTube, Photos, News).
* The pages you bookmark from your phone are automatically synced with your StumbleUpon account
on the web, so you can access your favorites wherever you are.
* Share easily with anyone using Email, Facebook, or Twitter.
* Optimized experience just for your mobile device.
* It’s free, and it only takes a minute to download. Learn more.

After reading this and downloading it on my iPhone last night, I thought wow now all I have to do is open the QR Reader App on my phone and there you go. Easy as pie! I was quite excited to get to RLabs today and share it with the team. But by the time I mentioned ‘QR Codes’, everyone had already downloaded it on their mobile phones. Here I thought it was only available on the iPhone and Android phone as the post above says! Also She’s the Geek tells me that Rafiq from Web Addict already sent her a link this morning on Twitter.

So there you have it. When you think you just Stumble(d)Upon something interesting somewhere else someone else Stumble(d)Upon it first! I am just glad to be surrounded with all these geeks…


Saturday, Mom3.0 Cafe Session August 28, 2010

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This morning we had a good Mom3.0 Cafe Session at RLabs.

The women braved the weather. It was pouring down with rain and very cold, yet the women came from far and near not to miss out on the class.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement as we had 3 new women joining the cafe session. Todays’ session was focused on Vlogging. 3 new YouTube videos were uploaded and the women created their own YouTube accounts.

A group decision was made to have cafe sessions weekly until graduation. The group is very excited and wanting to learn and experience everything about Social Media and Social Networks. Now we as facilitators need to stay up to date and keep trying out new social media tools.

Here are some pics of the session this morning and links to the videos.

Wendy Jeffries

Porchia Johnson


Introducing JamiiX: From the Cape Flats with Love June 3, 2010

Guest post by Marlon Parker

Yesterday was an exciting day as we celebrated the announcement (Thanks to Memeburn)of what we’ve been doing over the past three years. The public announcement of JamiiX (Meaning “Social Exchange”) as a new Web 2.0 product that has been developed on the Cape Flats in Silicon Cape would prove to be more than just an average aggregator for Social Networks and Instant Messengers but will come with a little dash of colourfulness that will certainly change communication channels using Web 2.0.

JamiiX is a Web based tool providing organizations/ businesses/ government/ individuals to manage multiple conversations from different Social Media, Text Messaging and various Instant Messaging platforms. Some benefits using JamiiX are:

1.Lower Cost to User
2.Reporting mechanisms
3.Communication is easy as the users use mediums that they are comfortable with
4.Manage multiple conversations at a time.
5.Reach audience on both PC and mobile devices
6.Counselors or Advisors are able to provide support via JamiiX remotely using an internet connection.
7.Easy setup and low cost to operate.

MoVigo Technologies (Pty) Ltd. have taken the task of commercialising possible the first Cape Flats Community-Driven Innovation from the ground to a global product. Already with business partners and offices in the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Finland along with its strategic partners Reconstructed Living Lab (RLabs),MXit Lifestyle and ISLabs, JamiiX could well be a technology startup fairytale encouraging open collaboration with communities in developing innovative solutions. MoVigo Technologies has already acquired some seed funding (R1.4 million) from SAFIPA (SOUTH AFRICA – FINLAND KNOWLEDGE PARTNERSHIP ON ICT PROGRAMME) with the goal of establishing JamiiX as an international brand.

Watch this space as we will be sharing more about JamiiX and keep you updated on the progress of the official launch next week 8 June 2010. If you would like to join the JamiiX team at the launch you can register on the website and send a request message. You can also follow JamiiX on twitter or join the Facebook page.

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