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She’s the Geek is married! April 27, 2010

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Congratulations Monique and Craig on your wedding day!

She’s the Geek got married today. The wedding went off smoothly and the bride was on time! It’s the first I see a bride ready to leave for the church before the rest of her bridal party. Monique made sure that she would be on time.

I had the privilege of assisting her today. Let me tell you it was a bit hard keeping her away from both her cellphones. Monique went through getting dressed, the church ceremony and posing for photos without tweeting.

But by the time she was getting freshened up for the reception, I felt sorry for her and gave her her phone for a few minutes. She decided to update her twitter status with the few precious minutes at her disposal with her cellphone. Below is a pic of Monique in the ladies with her phone busy tweeting. All this was happening while the groom was waiting outside in the hallway.

Well done my dear friend. You did very well today, even though the minister in the church referred to both you and Craig as “geeks” during the ceremony!


She’s the Geek is getting married! April 23, 2010

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Our sister blog (She’s the Geek) author: Monique Theron is getting married in just a couple of days. We at Madam Geek are extremely excited!

Weddings are a time to celebrate love and marraige is a time to demonstrate it.

We do have a question to pose to Monique: Will the wedding be in true Geek style? I wonder what we can expect from She’s the Geek on her wedding day.

Maybe a twitter fountain, blog post from the lady herself, live micro-blogging, tweeting.

Come on and comment if you want to make suggestions for She’s the Geek or Monique Theron to follow!

Congrats to the most amazing female blogger and social media entrepreneur. We are so very proud of you and wish you well on your new journey!

Looking forward to your updates!

Love Madam Geek


You can’t deny yourself and yet you can’t help yourself April 19, 2010

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Well it seems we at a distinct cross road in our world! The air space in Europe has come to a grinding halt, Apple, Android, Google, HTC, Windows, iPhone, iPad (am I allowed to mention them all in the same sentence?) have all introduced something new and then we have our political state in South Africa in particular and across countries, wars in our neighbouring countries and continents, the list is endless.

Yet our interest in connecting with one another and engaging using various technologies still forces us to share of ourselves. Each time we update our status on Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, Forsqure or write a blog post or comment on any social network: we share a piece of our souls. We make a mark. We let people in to see who we really are. And we change little by little, one mega byte by one mega byte at a time… You can’t deny yourself and yet you can’t help yourself!


Moving Beyond Beyond April 16, 2010

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It has been an eventful and interactive week. I was privileged to be part of the RLabs Social Media team covering the World Bank Innovation Fair. #innovfair was the hashtag used on Twitter for the Fair.

I have met many interesting and inspirational people. The amazing part of the Fair was being in close proximaty with passionate and innovative innovators. You can only but engage and push yourself to move beyond your current innovative state. I do believe that it is personal and all depends on how in touch you are with your current state.

Life as I know we know it has been changed forever! We are not only moving beyond conflict but beyond circumstances.

Visit the blog: to read more about the Fair.


#innovfair April 15, 2010

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Madam Geek is at the Innovation Fair: Moving Beyond Conflict. I am part of the RLabs team providing the social media management of the event. It has been an interesting 1st day. I thought it would be more interesting to share the photos with you. So please enjoy these and take note of the count down timer at the end. My favourite!


Time is up! April 14, 2010

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I have never seen a timer like this before at any conference. Time is up! This is the timer used at the Innovation Fair I attended today. See my previous post about the event and our involvement.

And this brings us to end of Day 1.


Trending right now onTwitter…

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What is trending right now on Twitter:

Opera Mini Why? The iPhone app has been approved by Apple, so the browser should be available in the App Store soon (April 12)

Is anyone out there in iPhone land using it? Some of the reviews I managed to read a quite mixed.

The Opera Mini App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at


RLabs at Innovation Fair

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Reconstructed Living Lab (RLabs) is excited to be the Social Media partner at the Innovation Fair.

  • About RLabs

    A Reconstructing interaction space for collaborative design, creation,
    dissemination and application of knowledge for empowerment, upliftment
    and development of people and communities in or headed for tension
    through the use of innovative ICT solutions.

RLabs and its Social Media Factory project have been elected as the Social Media Partner for the World
Bank’s conference. This opportunity to partner with the World Bank is
such a great honour and especially considering the story of RLabs. Most
of the RLabs team are community members from a developing community who
had no formal education or computer literacy and many with no hope and
not much to live for. Seeing how the team have grown and how the
community are adopting and using technologies is testament to the great
work being done by this group of incredible individuals. We will have a
special post on the team who will be at the Innovation Fair this week
who will share more about their backgrounds and experiences being part
of RLabs.

Most members of the RLabs team have their own personal blogs. Follow the rest of the team: Monique, Brent, Craig, Clinton and Marlon.

You can follow the live Twitter Updates using: #innovfair


The Evolution of Man Geek April 12, 2010

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I found this pic in my wallpapers. After deliberating for a couple days whether or not to write a blog post about it, I have finally decided to do a short one.

Evolution is the process of change in all forms of life over generations… This is the definition from my friend ‘wiki’. When we talk about evolution it brings up and seems to challenge many beliefs and ideals! Well before you get prepared to launch an attack on my post, please read ahead. If you don’t like what I wrote you can comment.

Do we feel that we have evolved? Has technology evolved? Have we allowed the way we view and feel about social media, technology and our mobile phones to evolve without noticing?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then we are at a place in humanity where we have evolved as the man geek. Please women, don’t take offence to the term man. It is not gender specific! And neither is geek used as a derogatory term in this context.

If you have answered no to any 2 of the questions above then you should not be reading this blog post or any blog or be allowed to access the web for that matter.

Everything changes whether we like it or not! And technologies are one of those things. It changes, evolves and everyone that has the slightest contact with it automatically evolves.


A 7year old and an iPhone – Pushing our boundaries April 11, 2010

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Today I was facinated when I watched my 7yr old nephew handle my phone.

My afternoon started out with me taking my nephew and his friends out to the gaming centre. I thought I will have time to read or catch up on my blogging while waiting for them to get done playing or finally run out of tokens. Well it turned out to take a surprising turn of events for me. Firstly, I was dragged from game to game where I had to watch them play, cheer them on and of course hand out more tokens. They kept on asking: “don’t you have more money?” And I was asked to be player 2 at a football game (I really had no idea what I was doing). My partner was a 8yr old who knew a whole lot about football and which buttons to use for kicking, running, blocking, etc. He made it seem so easy. There was another game I was asked to be player 2 to my 7yr old nephew but cannot remember the name, I know it had to do with kicking, jumping, hitting and many tokens. I actually spent 3 hours going from game to game and watching how these 7, 8 year olds can play a game for the first time and just know how it works. After much persuasion and a bit of bribery we finally left for home.

On the drive home one the kids ask me if I have an iPhone? And if I use it to watch TV. He says that you are supposed to be able to watch on the I Phone. So then they decide they going to play with it. The only instructions I gave them was that to get back to the main screen, you have to push the round middle button with the square on it. By this time my nephew is asking me if there are games on it. While he was scrolling through the screens my phone rings. He answers it. Now this was a surprise for me as most people who have used my phone for the first time never know how to answer it. But my 7 yr old nephew knew how to answer and end the call. While I’m driving and trying to think about how he knew that, I turn around and hear him speaking on the phone to my mom (his ma), telling her he is on his way home. Firstly, how on earth did he make a call and secondly, what about my airtime? When I asked him how he did it, he says: “I saw the keypad and touched in ma’s number and touched the green button”.

It makes me feel so old when I have to say: “these young kids of today”. They are fearless and ready to try anything, especially when it comes to technology and pushing the boundaries.

I would like to encourage us all (myself included) to become fearless when it comes to technology or new devices. The boundaries will only expand if push it and dive in head first.