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She’s the Geek is married! April 27, 2010

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Congratulations Monique and Craig on your wedding day!

She’s the Geek got married today. The wedding went off smoothly and the bride was on time! It’s the first I see a bride ready to leave for the church before the rest of her bridal party. Monique made sure that she would be on time.

I had the privilege of assisting her today. Let me tell you it was a bit hard keeping her away from both her cellphones. Monique went through getting dressed, the church ceremony and posing for photos without tweeting.

But by the time she was getting freshened up for the reception, I felt sorry for her and gave her her phone for a few minutes. She decided to update her twitter status with the few precious minutes at her disposal with her cellphone. Below is a pic of Monique in the ladies with her phone busy tweeting. All this was happening while the groom was waiting outside in the hallway.

Well done my dear friend. You did very well today, even though the minister in the church referred to both you and Craig as “geeks” during the ceremony!


She’s the Geek is getting married! April 23, 2010

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Our sister blog (She’s the Geek) author: Monique Theron is getting married in just a couple of days. We at Madam Geek are extremely excited!

Weddings are a time to celebrate love and marraige is a time to demonstrate it.

We do have a question to pose to Monique: Will the wedding be in true Geek style? I wonder what we can expect from She’s the Geek on her wedding day.

Maybe a twitter fountain, blog post from the lady herself, live micro-blogging, tweeting.

Come on and comment if you want to make suggestions for She’s the Geek or Monique Theron to follow!

Congrats to the most amazing female blogger and social media entrepreneur. We are so very proud of you and wish you well on your new journey!

Looking forward to your updates!

Love Madam Geek


You can’t deny yourself and yet you can’t help yourself April 19, 2010

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Well it seems we at a distinct cross road in our world! The air space in Europe has come to a grinding halt, Apple, Android, Google, HTC, Windows, iPhone, iPad (am I allowed to mention them all in the same sentence?) have all introduced something new and then we have our political state in South Africa in particular and across countries, wars in our neighbouring countries and continents, the list is endless.

Yet our interest in connecting with one another and engaging using various technologies still forces us to share of ourselves. Each time we update our status on Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, Forsqure or write a blog post or comment on any social network: we share a piece of our souls. We make a mark. We let people in to see who we really are. And we change little by little, one mega byte by one mega byte at a time… You can’t deny yourself and yet you can’t help yourself!


Moving Beyond Beyond April 16, 2010

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It has been an eventful and interactive week. I was privileged to be part of the RLabs Social Media team covering the World Bank Innovation Fair. #innovfair was the hashtag used on Twitter for the Fair.

I have met many interesting and inspirational people. The amazing part of the Fair was being in close proximaty with passionate and innovative innovators. You can only but engage and push yourself to move beyond your current innovative state. I do believe that it is personal and all depends on how in touch you are with your current state.

Life as I know we know it has been changed forever! We are not only moving beyond conflict but beyond circumstances.

Visit the blog: to read more about the Fair.


#innovfair April 15, 2010

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Madam Geek is at the Innovation Fair: Moving Beyond Conflict. I am part of the RLabs team providing the social media management of the event. It has been an interesting 1st day. I thought it would be more interesting to share the photos with you. So please enjoy these and take note of the count down timer at the end. My favourite!


Time is up! April 14, 2010

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I have never seen a timer like this before at any conference. Time is up! This is the timer used at the Innovation Fair I attended today. See my previous post about the event and our involvement.

And this brings us to end of Day 1.


Trending right now onTwitter…

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What is trending right now on Twitter:

Opera Mini Why? The iPhone app has been approved by Apple, so the browser should be available in the App Store soon (April 12)

Is anyone out there in iPhone land using it? Some of the reviews I managed to read a quite mixed.

The Opera Mini App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at