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Who are you playing with? October 10, 2010

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I read loads of articles on “women in tech” and they all seem to go around women either whining about how we don’t get enough scope or recognition from men. Funnily enough most of the writers are male. But fortunately for me, the women I find myself surrounded by do not see themselves at the bottom of the ‘tech space food chain’ but at the top of their game! Meaning there is no need to prove themselves to anyone or to fight with men for recognition, but to just enjoy technology and the beautiful journey of discovering amazing and new things everyday and how it can be used to not only make our live easier but to make a difference in someones life or to help impact an entire community.

Well for the first time in my life I actually love gadgets! A mobile phone was obviously my first gadget. It was acquired more out of necessity than out of curiosity or love. But once I got used to it, it became a fashion accessary and I remember buying covers for my Nokia 5110 to match all my outfits. Now you know how old I am (not sure how many of you remember that long back in the mobile phone era). This was in the late 90’s when you were a trend setter by the mobile device you had. Now I think you a trend setter by how you use the gadgets you have. Maybe its my unconventional thinking or just crazy notions I have now and then, but in this day and age in 2010 we cannot choose to let gadgets we possess to dictate our status! Whether you trendy or not does not depend on what make, model and year you have. Come on technology is advancing with or without us as players in the field, but what we do with what we have or have access to I think sets us apart and gives us all the status we crave and most importantly who you take to join you in the playing field as an equal player.


She’s the Geek introduces Twitter May 24, 2010

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On Saturday morning She’s the Geek facilited another Mom3.0 cafe session for RLabs. The overall feedback from the moms were that they are excited to have an expert in their midst. We hoping She’s the Geek will have more sessions as the moms are so excited when they hear their facilitator is non other than a previous graduate of RLabs Monique Theron Ross. We have 10 new recruits to Twitter. Let’s see who becomes a ‘Twitster’ first. (A twitster is a twitter gangster, a name co-created within RLabs meaning someone who has over 1000 tweets).

I have included the presentation used to introduce Twitter to the group.


The Most Influential Women in Web2.0 May 13, 2010

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We thought it quite appropriate to share this slideshow with our readers as our focus is Women and Technology. Whether it’s finding the geek in every woman (Madam Geek) or empowering women through technology (She’s the Geek).

Meet The Most Influential Women in Web 2.0

View more presentations from guest190b7a.

She’s the Geek has been interviewing women across South Africa over the past few months. The interviews have been a huge success. And it has been humbling at the same time to meet such amazing women right here. Soon we will have interviews with women from the Northern Hemisphere. Looking forward to some interesting collaborations.


Do you know the Apple story? May 8, 2010

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Found this interesting slide presentation on Slideshare.


#innovfair April 15, 2010

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Madam Geek is at the Innovation Fair: Moving Beyond Conflict. I am part of the RLabs team providing the social media management of the event. It has been an interesting 1st day. I thought it would be more interesting to share the photos with you. So please enjoy these and take note of the count down timer at the end. My favourite!


Slideshare hits – apple, apple and more apple April 6, 2010

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It’s pretty late for me to be blogging. Especialy tonight as I promised myself when I left the office today that I will not switch on my laptop. But after hearing Marlon shout just now: “Rene you have over 560 hits on your slide presentation on Slideshare!”

I just had to get on my laptop to blog about this. I am quite new at blogging and even newer at using Slideshare. Even though I registered last year on Slideshare (I totally don’t even remember doing this) I have never loaded a presentation or used it until yesterday. My blog post titled: An apple a day had my slide presentation inserted from Slideshare which was uploaded just yesterday.

And it got 569 hits in just a little over 24 hours! This might not mean much to many of you but to me it is a big deal.

If you know Marlon Parker, you will know that he is considered an expert blogger and presenter and has over 20 presentations on Slideshare. So this is very exciting for me to have my first slide presentation displayed on the: Featured Presentations & Documents home page of Slideshare.

Just thought that I had to share this with you all. I still cannot believe that it got so many hits and I only used pictures in the presentations.

As they say: “A picture speaks a thousand words”

Well not sure what 58 pictures say

Thank you iPhone wallpapers for the pics.

Love Madam Geek