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Poimapper: Mobile GeoMapping October 1, 2010

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One of the start-ups that was presented at the Mobile Africa by Mobile Brain Bank in Helsinki, Finland held yesterday (September 30th) was Pajat. Pajat Management ltd develops mobile solutions for data collection and sharing needs. Pajat Management is committed in creating solutions enabling efficient development program field work in less developed countries. It says that they are doing this by creating an optimal combination of mobile and Internet technologies to provide solutions to organizations in varied fields of development work. The solution presented is PoiMapper.

PoiMapper is a data collection and sharing solution focused on affordable GPS enabled phones. PoiMapper makes development program fieldwork more efficient and reliable.

With PoiMapper it is possible to:
* define program specific point-of-interests (POIs), routes and areas with associated data to be collected
* data can be of multiple types: text, numbers, single and multichoice alternatives, conditional subquestions
* capture pictures to be included for POIs
* collect data with affordable mobile phones with GPS and camera
* upload data directly to a central database over the cellular network or via an internet connected computer
* edit existing data in the mobile device during follow-up visits
* back-office reporting and analysis
* visualize the collected data in different ways

They are currently testing PoiMapper in the field in Kenya, in collaboration with Plan International.

We are excited to have it tested in South Africa.