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“Don’t think for someone, listen to them” June 13, 2020

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When I was scrolling through my Twitter Feed, I read a tweet by John Cena (yes, I follow @JohnCena and really hope its not a fake account). I actually like reading his tweets as its always inspiring and way less than 140 characters, which provides quick punchy lines, that get you to consider an alternative to your natural train of thought. I am a firm believer that there is always more to everything. Whether it is what people say, do or what we see with the naked eye, there is always more. We should always be inquisitive and not just accept things as they are presented to us.


So, when I read the tweet today “Don’t think for someone, listen to them”, I was reminded of some of the conversations I have had during this lockdown period in haste. It seems that my life has been busier than usual and I have been spending more time communicating virtually than face to face. This of course leaves room for lots of misunderstanding or misinterpreting what the other person is saying. Usually when you speak to someone face to face you can easily read their body language, facial expression and just pick up on a feeling you get when you are in close proximity. For me this applies to both business and social conversations. Through these many hours of conversations, I have to admit I was guilty many times of assuming what the other person meant and just jumped to next point on the agenda or in a conversation because time is always too little.

Why does the new normal make me want to think for everyone and not take the time to listen? I have also been on the receiving end of this too. When on calls the discussion is rushed and there is no time for pleasantries or jokes but let’s get straight to the point and it seems we are rushing somewhere. Yet I sit for 8-12 hours a day in front of my laptop communicating with others. Crazy that with all this time set aside to communicate, there is no time to listen!

5d65760349599313b56df8ff_59de92884edc3800017fd9c0_ListenThis has become such a bad habit on my side and I have had to pause and make a conscious decision to ask someone how they are and just have them share as little or as much as they like. So I had to make time in my day for chatting about real stuff. I don’t feel guilty anymore, at least that much has changed. I used to feel so bad about not putting in enough time to meet deadlines and work on projects or even just getting them done.

At the beginning of lockdown I had a long list of things I wanted to do and new projects to start. It’s Day 79 today and to be really honest with myself, I have only completed 10% of what I set out to do. How terrible is that? When I am the one that encourages others to dream, create and take the time out to think and breath.

The realisation hit me that the “someone” can also be myself. Yourself. Don’t think for someone, listen to them! Don’t just think for yourself, listen to yourself!


Presentation Time for Mom3.0 Session October 2, 2010

This morning the moms came out in full force once again to attend the Mom3.0 Cafe Session. Today the RLabs facilitators thought it would be interesting to surprise the ladies by asking them to choose their favourite social media tool. Once they have chosen their tool they would get 15min to prepare themselves and then have to present a step-by-step guide to signing in and using this tool to the rest of the class.

We always have to shift and change our mindsets and get helped out of our comfort zones. So this exercise was quite useful. The moms were good sports and when presenting, encouraged each other to continue and not focus on the mistakes during the presentations. The favourite tool of the morning was Facebook. When asked why that tool is their favourite? One of the moms shared that she loves looking at peoples pictures and reading their status updates. The fact that you can see everything on one screen is wonderful and very exciting.

Below we have one of the moms Jackie Biggswho is an avid micro blogger. She chose Twitter as her tool to present. When asked why Twitter? She answered its quick and instant. One does not have to wait before updating your status. If you feel or experienced something you can say it immediately without waiting for someone to comment on or Like your status. Jackie has been for over a year now and it is always interesting to read what she has to say and how she contributes to the world wide web.

You can follow the Mom3.0 Cafe Session moms on:

Source: RLabs


What did you StumbleUpon today? October 1, 2010

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I do enjoy it when I StumbleUpon something easy. I have heard about and read about QR codes for a while now, but was never really interested to use it or get into it. I prefer things to be easy and just at my finger tips.

The best of the web at your fingertips

Download from the Apple Store
Or, on your phone’s browser, visit

Point your Android phone to this QR Code.
Your barcode reader should be able to read
it and launch the Market. (no code?)

Or, on your phone’s browser, visit

* Easily explore pages in your favorite topics and on top sites (Flickr, YouTube, Photos, News).
* The pages you bookmark from your phone are automatically synced with your StumbleUpon account
on the web, so you can access your favorites wherever you are.
* Share easily with anyone using Email, Facebook, or Twitter.
* Optimized experience just for your mobile device.
* It’s free, and it only takes a minute to download. Learn more.

After reading this and downloading it on my iPhone last night, I thought wow now all I have to do is open the QR Reader App on my phone and there you go. Easy as pie! I was quite excited to get to RLabs today and share it with the team. But by the time I mentioned ‘QR Codes’, everyone had already downloaded it on their mobile phones. Here I thought it was only available on the iPhone and Android phone as the post above says! Also She’s the Geek tells me that Rafiq from Web Addict already sent her a link this morning on Twitter.

So there you have it. When you think you just Stumble(d)Upon something interesting somewhere else someone else Stumble(d)Upon it first! I am just glad to be surrounded with all these geeks…


Embrace your inner girl September 13, 2010

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This is my inspiration video of the week. Thanks to Veera Uusoksa for sharing it on Twitter this morning. It’s a video done at TED India in 2009 by a lady by the name of Eve Ensler.



What did you do with your apple today? September 6, 2010

Spent the last 6 hours on my iPhone. Apple has really come up with an amazing device. Yes, I’m an Apple junky. Each time I think I have done it all and experienced it all this little device surprises me. Maybe there are other phones that do similar or identical tasks but I’m sure it can’t be as smooth as on the iPhone.

I started off my evening reading emails and replying. Then of course moved on to Facebook and switched over to Twitter. Once in Twitter and reading peoples updates and following their links, I stumbled upon some interesting websites. Most of these I re-tweeted and shared. The most interesting one was on how to speed up your iPhone. Do you ever look at your screen and wonder when you actually downloaded a App? Well I do, most times I completely forget about it and it just fills up my screen. So I decided to do some housekeeping. Deleted Apps I have never used or Apps that turned out to be pure junk! Definitely not what they describe it as in the store. You can’t return it but you can throw it out.

Time was reserved for the daily, iTunes updates and checking what’s new in the App Store. Nothing intrigued me tonight so no new Apps were purchased. But I did spend a lot of time downloading some new 3D Apple wallpaper. Will put it on Slideshare tomorrow, when I get onto my Mac.

During the evening I broke away to fix dinner for my husband which took all of 5mins to put in the oven and served it 20mins later. You could say that I put my phone down for all of 25mins this evening, taking into account a toilet break and putting on a movie to watch in the background. And tonights movie choice was Pretty Woman. I was privileged to be served with tea and refreshments by my dear husband during this time.

After going back to my 2 favourite Apps: Facebook and Twitter I went on to vote on She’s the Geek and RLabs for the SA Blog Awards. A couple of my favourites nominated as well are: iGeek and Tertia and Micro Blogger: Clive. Well as anyone who has been voting knows what a process it is, it took me nearly 40mins to vote and confirm my votes from all 4 my email accounts. Maybe it was just my wi-fi connection that was a bit slow.

So now my last task for the night is my. WordPress App which I’m using to blog from right now. I’m trying to blog more often, but sometimes it’s hard to put into words what I have to say. But tell me: What did you do with your Apple today?


YouTube and Mom3.0-Just Me September 4, 2010

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RLabs is having another Mom3.0 Cafe Session today. The ladies all came really early and were ready for the session. We are continuing with Vlogging and Blogging.

Below is a video clip of Melissa Johnson, one of the younger moms:

This is a video clip of Francis Herbert, one of the older moms:

The rest of the ladies updated their Facebook and Twitter statuses and checked their emails.

They also blogged on the Mom3.0 Blog and viewed each others videos on YouTube. It is always good to read what they have to say about one another’s status updates and the encouraging words left as comments.


Twitter Business Cards.. very cool August 27, 2010

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Was playing around with creating a twitter business card for myself today. It seems to work! Now no need to waste anymore trees by printing business cards…


NEW DORK!! You got to love it!! August 25, 2010

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I came across this video on someone’s Twitter stream today. I watched it and just had to share it with you all.

This song/tune has caught my attention since I watched the movie ‘Sex and the City 2’ a couple of months ago. What a brilliant combination of a good tune, catchy words and entertaining videos…


Twitter – 140 second tour – Promoted Tweets June 19, 2010

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Visiting Moms 3.0 by Veera Uusoksa

This is a Guest post From The Penguin Trail – Cape to Cairo by Veera Uusoksa

It just so happened that I was in Cape Town for some open source related business (Freedom Toasters for Northern Cape) and decided to spend a weekend in town. I was dining at Kloof Street on Fr‎iday evening when Monique phones me asking if I would not like to visit RLabs the following day and join the Mom3.0 session. Well, of course I would. And what an amazing group of women it was!

RLabs is situated in Bridgetown under the shadows of the Athlone power station cooling towers “salt and pepper”. As I was turning off from N2, driving past a fancy looking mall through side streets and asking people for directions I was excited. I had heard about the work in the Reconstructed Living Lab, read about it and met Marlon Parker in quite a few events but never actually visited the centre. There is a few potential buildings on the street and it takes one U-turn to find the brown brick building with Youth Centre sign one can hardly read from a distance.

In front of the centre a legion of boys and young men greet me in the most polite way, giving directions and wanting to have a chat. I found it hard to believe that this is a community plagued with violence, drugs and gangsterism. Can’t quite put my finger on it but definitely something positive is cooking. First time in the community like this I felt a sense of pride. Or hope. Or future perhaps.

After the session there was no question about it. I want to be part of this! Yes, I will gladly spend a day in Athlone. There is no other place in the world I want to be right now but to watch community soccer and hear the old men shouting at the referee (some things don’t change no matter where in the world you are). Sun is shining, mountains surround the field and people are out.

And the moms? Mom3.0 Cafe Session is a social media gettogether for women. Twitter, blogging, Facebook and Gmail is shared every second Saturday by Monique Theron and Rene Parker. The class will last almost a year and after that ladies will be social media fundis. Monique herself is a graduate of the reconstructed class 2008 and blogging at She’s the Geek. At this session we concentrated on Twitter. Some where used to it, others signing up for the first time. Vibe at the session was fantastic to say the least. I had forgotten the special magic in all women technology groups. You can meet The Moms and feel the vibe on Twitter.

RLabs is “reconstructing communities through innovation”. Just check out their amazing projects and results. I surely was humbled and awed. It is rare one meets so many genuinly good people that inspire you to work better, smarter and get involved. I believe we found a perfect venue to launch our trail in January.