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Punish the deed not the ‘breed’ April 8, 2010

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I have been following the news today and my oh my what a state we find ourselves in. We have politicians making statements, accusations and even losing their tempers. I happened to watch a video on YouTube that I found hilarious and disturbing at the same time. I have followed the Twitter streams and was quite intrigued by the various comments, statements and links people have shared. Social Media is such a powerful tool and we have it at our finger tips.

I have been told that I am an optimist, and today I remain optimistic about our future and how we face challenges or just life in general. Let us not punish each other but punish the deed! Our actions do speak louder than words and as we continue hopping from one social network to the next remember to share a message of hope and show consideration to each other no matter what our ‘breed’.


Embrace, Enjoy and Make it! April 3, 2010

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Woke up this morning to a bit of inspiration zinging through my head. For me that just means that my sub conscious has a few ideas of it’s own and it’s slowly filtering through into my conscious. I started ‘putting pen to paper’ or finger to screen in my case.

I’m working on a post that might change the way you view your mobile device for ever. The first draft is done, just a bit more research needed and testing completed before it can be shared publicly.

Even though we as women are quite capable of multi-tasking and being multi-skilled and multi-faceted all at the same time; but with social media there are many tools, choices and options that even for us women it can be overwhelming and daunting at times. But like everything else in life we embrace it and make it our own!

So to all women reading this – enjoy the social media space, all tecnologies out there and of course just be yourself and make it your own.


Unconventional Blogging Talk March 22, 2010

Last week Wednesday, the talk show titled Let’z chat with Mel on the Series channel on DSTV had an interesting show. It was about women and technology.
I was quite excited to watch the show for two reasons:
1) I have heard quite a few talks or presentations on blogging but have never seen it on TV and a South African show. Very advanced for South African media and unconventional for a talk show.
2) The second reason is that one of the guests on the show was none other than Marlon Parker who is the director of RLabs, a community organisation based on Cape Flats. One of their initiatives is a project called Mom3.0, that teaches women how to use social media to make a change in their communities by using blogging in particular. He did an actual step by step presentation showing the viewers how easy it is to create their own blogs.

Madam Geek is proud to be associated with RLabs and all the women of Mom2.0 and Mom3.0. What an innovative initiative.

Exciting times ahead ladies!

This blog post was written and uploaded from my mobile. The pics were taken during the show while I was lounging on the couch. Wow, never knew blogging could be this easy!


Mom3.0 – RLabs March 20, 2010

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I was up quite early this morning at least for a Saturday. The organisation I work with is RLabs (Reconstructed Living Lab – RLabs)
And today we have 3 training sessions running all before 1pm.

We have Mom3.0 using Social Media to make a social change. These are a group of women from our communities across the Cape Flats. Currently 25 women attend these sessions every alternate Saturday morning. Today the facilitators are signing them up for Facebook. The energy in the lab is full of excitement and a bit of nerves as most of the women have only been introduced to computers/laptops, the world wide web, and social media this year for the very first time in their lives. Their ages vary between early 20’s to early 70’s.
See the pic below with a few of the ladies.


She’s the Geek had a birthday…. March 19, 2010

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Our friend and fellow blogger Monique Theron (also known as She’s the Geek) had a birthday last Sunday (March, 14). We (Craig – kingross, Brentbrentsjourney and Renémadamgeek) decided to surprise her with a date at the Blue Peter Hotel in Blouberg. The sun was out (actually busy setting) while we were sitting and enjoying the late afternoon, evening out. What more could anyone ask: good food (well more desserts), good company, great atmosphere and stunning views of the ocean and sun setting? You know when there are geeks around; when most of the conversation went around technology, social media, blogging, taking photos with phones and cameras and of course tweeting and updating face book statuses during the date.

Here is a pic of Monique with Craig (her fiancé).

Yes, that is the sun streaming in behind them.


SHE IS REALLY THE GEEK! March 17, 2010

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I just got to work and am thinking about what new technologies we will encounter today. Our sister blog: shesthegeek has lots of exciting topics on technology. She is really the geek and has been doing research over the last 4 months on various technologies and how women in general use social media in their everyday lives.

On a lighter note : one of Madam Geek and She’s the Geek’s activities last month was to attend a Women’s Convention and interact with other women. See our friend Fran who was brave enough to hang out with 2 geeks!