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The search is on…iPhoto September 7, 2010

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The latter part of my day was spent playing around with iPhoto and Photobooth. I spent many hours playing with my iPhone and all it’s features, but even after receiving a MacBook from my husband as a get well gift over 2 months ago, I still spend more time on my iPhone than my Mac.

So this evening I decided to change that. After downloading some cool 3D Apple Wallpaper pics I wanted to create a slideshow and have music in the background. Well I could not figure out how to do all this on my iPhone so I switched on the Mac. After transferring all the pics into 1 folder and opening iPhoto, I discovered a whole new world. Exactly what I wanted: photos sliding in and out randomly across the screen at a pace set by me. And a nice surprise was that there is music preloaded in iPhoto. I found a song that is on the soundtrack of Twilight. Of course this was my first choice.

So after watching the Slideshow a couple of times with the music blaring and making Marlon watch it with me, I could transfer the pics to Flickr and Facebook. This was easy to do. But now I wanted to share the entire Slideshow with effects and music and all, with friends. For the life of me I could not export the slideshow as is! This is quite frustrating. I’m sure there is someone out there that knows how to do this! I will continue the search tomorrow, as one of my best friends is Google after all.