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Apples are not the only fruit… May 7, 2010

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So today was Day 1 of the N900 review challenge by my friend She’s the Geek.

Just over 20 hours ago I packed up my iPhone and became a N900 user. The pic below is me receiving it. You see the broad smile. That excitement was short lived.

After putting in my sim card and looking for the power on button, I was ready to go. Now you have to remember I have been (and still is) an iPhone gal and it was love at first touch for me and my iPhone. Just after a few minutes of touching the N900 I must admit it does feel good in your hands. Amazing how important the sense of touch is. My overall feeling of the N900 in your hand is: sleek and sexy. Well done Nokia!

Please don’t think that that’s all I did was look at the N900 and touch it. (It is very easy on the eyes)
Last night I only had time to familiarise myself with the full touch device and the side-sliding QWERTY keyboard. Just to mention that the full touch screen is a TFT resistive touchscreen, 65K colors and not at all as sensitive as the iPhone. After being used to tapping gently and lightly I had to switch to using force and it felt as if I was being aggressive with the phone. At least it did not break.

And of course I had to get connected, I decided to use the wi-fi thinking thought that it will be faster than the 3G. It might of just have been the wi-fi at home that was slow but boy was it slow to connect to my social media sites. Facebook was first on my list and then Twitter. I had to update something before I went to sleep. Unfortunately I did not manage to access either one of those sites.

This morning I woke up with a new sense of adventure and enthusiasm. First thing I did was search for a Twitter app to use. Found Dabr and thought it was good enough for me. While tapping away on the touch screen the phone rings and it is the first time I have to answer a phone call on this device. Very funny story: I end up switching the phone in all directions and cannot quite figure out where the front or top of the phone is as I had it in slide mode. Neither can I figure out how to answer it, I finally hit the green answer button but found it strange that it was so soft and I could hardly hear the person on the other end of the line. Marlon (who I poked fun at for not being able to answer my iPhone time and time again) bursts out laughing and takes the phone out of my hand and it turns it the other way. I was talking into the wrong side of the phone. He says on my facebook profile: “Marlon Parker
FTW: @Rene got her first call on #N900 and tried talking through the ear piece 😉 So loving this. Hehe”

Well after that little slip up (maybe not so little seeing that the whole world read it) I decided to get down to business and crack the N900.

A few things I used the N900 for today:
1. Updated my Twitter with a twitpic
2. Uploaded photos and videos to Facebook
3. Commented on peoples statuses
4. Shared a video link from youtube
5. Took a photo with the N900 uploaded it with tags
6. Visited the Ovi store
7. Chatted on gtalk and other IMs
8. Made and received calls and SMSs

Tomorrow I will talk about the actual features of the N900, but today I have learnt that Apples are not the only fruit…

Title sponsored by Monique.


I Now Pronounce You Black and White Winner!! May 5, 2010

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This is a very exciting time for RLabs. We are all part of the launch of the new movie.

RLABS is doing the Social Media Strategy for the movie: I Now Pronounce You Black and White. We had a competition running on Facebook to win two sets of tickets to the Cape Town Premier of this movie. Today we did the draw and have two lucky winners.

The winners of the two sets of tickets are Lee Williams and Naasirah Dollie. Congratulations to you guys and we will be seeing you there tomorrow evening. The premier will be hosted at Cinema Privee,Canal Walk. Viewers can expect to see the first screening of I Now Pronounce You Black and White at their local Nu Metro cinema from 14th of May 2010.


Thank You @bandwidthblog April 6, 2010

This morning the winner of the uncapped MWEB adsl competition was announced on Bandwidthblog. And the winner was none other than Monique Theron our very own and much loved and respected She’s the Geek.

Thank you bandwidthblog for running the competition. It is very exciting firstly to have a female win and secondly to get the review from a female perspective.

We have asked Monique to rate the MWEB uncapped ADSL and tell us all about the service and usage over the next 2 months. After May 2010 she will write a formal blog post on the overall experience.

So to our faithful readers you will get to read the the review first hand. You can also follow this blog and read what She’s the Geek has to say about her MWEB ADSL uncapped bandwidth experience.

She’s the Geek ‘s tagline is: Empowering Women through Technology! We look forward to the experience ahead.