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Skype for the MOMS!! October 21, 2010

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The latest class for the Mom3.0 Cafe Session covered Skype. The women as usual came expectant and were ready to learn something new.

Monique Ross, our very own She’s the Geek did the presentation and took the women through the history of Skype, its benefits and a step-by-step guide how to sign up to Skype.

All the women signed up to Skype and updated their profiles with pictures. Thereafter, they invited friends and searched for other friends and family on Skype. Jackie Biggs (one of the moms) was brave enough to do a presentation to the rest of the class on how to sign up to Skype. She did a good job of explaining and showing the rest of the class how to sign up. She was so good that she even won a prize!

It’s very exciting to watch how the women are growing more confident with social media and within themselves. Next week we having an international Guest Speaker chatting to the women via Skype. This will be the first time this medium is used for the Mom3.0 Cafe Session to have a guest speaker. Happy calling ladies!!

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Slideshare hits – apple, apple and more apple April 6, 2010

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It’s pretty late for me to be blogging. Especialy tonight as I promised myself when I left the office today that I will not switch on my laptop. But after hearing Marlon shout just now: “Rene you have over 560 hits on your slide presentation on Slideshare!”

I just had to get on my laptop to blog about this. I am quite new at blogging and even newer at using Slideshare. Even though I registered last year on Slideshare (I totally don’t even remember doing this) I have never loaded a presentation or used it until yesterday. My blog post titled: An apple a day had my slide presentation inserted from Slideshare which was uploaded just yesterday.

And it got 569 hits in just a little over 24 hours! This might not mean much to many of you but to me it is a big deal.

If you know Marlon Parker, you will know that he is considered an expert blogger and presenter and has over 20 presentations on Slideshare. So this is very exciting for me to have my first slide presentation displayed on the: Featured Presentations & Documents home page of Slideshare.

Just thought that I had to share this with you all. I still cannot believe that it got so many hits and I only used pictures in the presentations.

As they say: “A picture speaks a thousand words”

Well not sure what 58 pictures say

Thank you iPhone wallpapers for the pics.

Love Madam Geek