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Presentation Time for Mom3.0 Session October 2, 2010

This morning the moms came out in full force once again to attend the Mom3.0 Cafe Session. Today the RLabs facilitators thought it would be interesting to surprise the ladies by asking them to choose their favourite social media tool. Once they have chosen their tool they would get 15min to prepare themselves and then have to present a step-by-step guide to signing in and using this tool to the rest of the class.

We always have to shift and change our mindsets and get helped out of our comfort zones. So this exercise was quite useful. The moms were good sports and when presenting, encouraged each other to continue and not focus on the mistakes during the presentations. The favourite tool of the morning was Facebook. When asked why that tool is their favourite? One of the moms shared that she loves looking at peoples pictures and reading their status updates. The fact that you can see everything on one screen is wonderful and very exciting.

Below we have one of the moms Jackie Biggswho is an avid micro blogger. She chose Twitter as her tool to present. When asked why Twitter? She answered its quick and instant. One does not have to wait before updating your status. If you feel or experienced something you can say it immediately without waiting for someone to comment on or Like your status. Jackie has been for over a year now and it is always interesting to read what she has to say and how she contributes to the world wide web.

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She’s the Geek is getting married! April 23, 2010

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Our sister blog (She’s the Geek) author: Monique Theron is getting married in just a couple of days. We at Madam Geek are extremely excited!

Weddings are a time to celebrate love and marraige is a time to demonstrate it.

We do have a question to pose to Monique: Will the wedding be in true Geek style? I wonder what we can expect from She’s the Geek on her wedding day.

Maybe a twitter fountain, blog post from the lady herself, live micro-blogging, tweeting.

Come on and comment if you want to make suggestions for She’s the Geek or Monique Theron to follow!

Congrats to the most amazing female blogger and social media entrepreneur. We are so very proud of you and wish you well on your new journey!

Looking forward to your updates!

Love Madam Geek