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You can’t deny yourself and yet you can’t help yourself April 19, 2010

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Well it seems we at a distinct cross road in our world! The air space in Europe has come to a grinding halt, Apple, Android, Google, HTC, Windows, iPhone, iPad (am I allowed to mention them all in the same sentence?) have all introduced something new and then we have our political state in South Africa in particular and across countries, wars in our neighbouring countries and continents, the list is endless.

Yet our interest in connecting with one another and engaging using various technologies still forces us to share of ourselves. Each time we update our status on Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, Forsqure or write a blog post or comment on any social network: we share a piece of our souls. We make a mark. We let people in to see who we really are. And we change little by little, one mega byte by one mega byte at a time… You can’t deny yourself and yet you can’t help yourself!