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Can a blog make money? May 29, 2010

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Hell yea!

This morning I was part of the RLabs team where we had iGeek (Gerhard Portgieter) with us. He was generous enough to take a couple of hours out of his Saturday morning to give us some tips on Monetizing your blog!

Talk was very interesting and insightful. Who knew what has been happening in the blogerspere all this time where money has been made.

Some important tips from Gerhard are:
1. never blog for the sake of money
2. important to build a following

Things to help you get results faster:
*focus you blog (niche)
*be passionate about your subject
*be obsessed about your topic
*build a following
“when you combine all of these you will build a following easily”

Different ways of generating income through:

There are 2 popular advertisement companies in South Africa used to run online advertising:
1. Google AdSense
Uses the pricing model: cpc – cost per click (every click) and cpm – cost per mile (every thousand views)
2. Adgator
Uses only the cpm model and also the 50:50 revenue share

*product reviews

*affiliate programs (if your blog is focused on local market) (if your blog is focused on international market)
trafficsynergy and offerforge (cpc) is used by iGeek

Sell Merchandise
put your logo on a t-shirt and give a few away and sell the rest on your blog. People like wearing a t-shirt with a website address on

eg. PayPal
put a donation button on your site

*Public Speaking
take it offline. share your blog with others

*Guest posting
guest blogging. sharing your blog online

Some Advice from iGeek
*do not be desperate to make money from ads by placing it all over your site
*try and keep your content clean of advertisements
*try and make the ads blend in with the theme of your website, Google Adsense allows you to customise the look of text ads
*don’t click on your own ads, most ad providers can pick this up and will disable your account

After this we were ready to set up google adsense

These are just some steps I managed to capture while listening and blogging at the same time:
Create an AdSense. If you have a GMail account even better. You just need to log in and there you go.
Log in on your WordPress blog
Go to Appearance
Go to Editor
Theme Files
Click on Sidebar
Recommended to use the following
300X250 medium retangle
125X125 button
corner styles
show public service ads
adsense unit name
code embed into blog
(all of these will make sense once you have the screen open)

After listening to all of this, I was told that it will only work on a self hosted blog. Unfortunately, I can not run google ads on my blog as I don’t have a self hosted blog. So my dear readers, what should I do?

Here are some pics of our morning!


Blogging with the Bloggers! May 21, 2010

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Just chatting to Clinton and Craig now and we are discussing blogging. Clinton quotes: “If you can talk you can blog”. He said he heard that somewhere else but cannot remember who said that. Craig says: “Blogging is like an online journal”.

Why do we blog? What makes us want to share our thoughts and ideas on such a public space? What pushes you to read someone elses blog and let alone follow someone elses ramblings? Are you a blogger or just a follower?

Over the past week I have had various discussions with various individuals, around why they have a blog and why they blog. Some individuals went through the exciting process of creating their own blog. Yet they never went further to finalise the theme and add plug ins and widgets. Is the excitement of a new blog enough to keep you blogging? Choosing a platform is the most tedius task. How do you even decide between: blogger, ning, wordpress, posterous, etc? Ok, that’s a lot of questions.

Below are Clinton and Craig sitting in my office. A couple of real life and active bloggers.

After asking some bloggers why they chose a certain platform a few of the answers were: Craig Ross says: “I was experiementing and playing around with various platforms and came across wordpress and liked it. Now I have a self hosted blog on a WordPress platform. WordPress for me is easier build on and add on as it is an open source platform as well”. Clinton Liederman: “If I can be honest I looked at various blogs and the platform I was exposed to was Blogger. But after trying it out and using it for a while I became bored with themes and templates. Blogger is perfect for people wanting to start out as everything is easy, clear and well layed out. After watching my friends sign up to wordpress and seeing the different themes and templates I jumped ship, and I now I have a wordpress blog.”

I had started off in 2007 with my first blog. The reason I decided to start blogging was more peer pressure (everyone was starting their own blogs) and pure frustration. I needed a place to air my thoughts and really just get some things off my chest. I will not put you through the agony of actually linking that blog to this site. That process was short lived and after a couple of blog posts my enthusium died out. A lesson well learnt for me. Don’t start a blog if you just want to vent.

In September 2009 after some thought, delliberation and inspiration we started Madam Geek. And my dear friend Monique and I launched She’s the Geek at the same time.

So my dear friends and readers my advice to anyone wanting to start blogging. Think about it and make it your own. It has to be something you would continue using and sharing with others. Our ideas and experiences are not our own, we have them to share with others.

Love Madam Geek


#netprophet coming tomorrow May 12, 2010

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Madam Geek, She’s the Geek and the RLabs team will be attending the Net Prophet 2010 tomorrow.

A bit of history of the this inniative is:

Net Prophet was started in Cape Town, South Africa by the RAMP Foundation – a non-profit entity created by the RAMP Group as a means for social investment within the local Internet based economy.

With government backing education and development in the areas of science and technology, RAMP Group recognised the need to build a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, particularly in the area of web-based business, essentially aiding those with the right aptitude for ‘Making business $ense of the Internet’. The name Net Prophet was decided on, as it would give credence to the quality of our local industry leaders (as an added bonus, it doubles as both ‘Prophet’ & ‘Profit’ when spoken of!).

The Vision

Take the most innovative/successful/creative/ambitious thinkers and entrepreneurs in the Internet space, and ask them to share their stories, ideas and predictions for the future in a format that is fresh, relevant and engaging. The result: Net Prophet.

We will be tweeting and blogging from the event, so stay tuned!


Blogging with She’s the Geek! May 8, 2010

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This morning She’s the Geek facilitated the Cafe session at RLabs for the MOM3.0 session.

Here is the presention used by She’s the Geek when she introduced the moms to the world of blogging.

I decided to go check out their blog posts. The moms were very excited this morning and a bit nervous as it was the first time many of them have ever blogged. We hope to see them start creating their individual blogs soon.


iPhone WordPress and the ‘Sell Outs’ April 7, 2010

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I was just reminded by a friend that I am the last one in my group of geeky friends to still use the old fashioned blog. One by one over the past year they have all started getting their personal domains.

To name a few of them: marlonparker ; kingross ; reagenallen and the latest one brentsjourney . The only one allowed to have moved over to her own domain with no resentment from my part is my friend and sister blog: shesthegeek. I do tease the rest of them and say that they all are sell outs!

And of course we have had loads of discussions: when does a blog become a website? Is it still a blog once you move over to your personal domain that you have to pay for? Isn’t the whole idea of having your own blog that it is free and you don’t have to pay for it every month? It is easy to use and plug ins are easy as well as changing gravatars and avatars?

Well I seem to be the only person left believing that theory. I must admit though, my biggest reservation is that I do love blogging from my iPhone WordPress app and don’t want to loose that. I have not figured out how to use the WordPress app to load a domained blog (is this even a word?). You see that is the nice thing about having your own blog you can pretty much write whatever you like.

So are there any iPhone app gurus out there that can either create an app to use so that I can blog directly from my phone to my blog just the same like using the website or show me how to hack it? Here is a screen shot of the current apps on my iPhone and obviously my most frequented app: WordPress!

I do need to make time to write a post on which apps are most useful to have and those that are just plain friendly.


Unconventional Blogging Talk March 22, 2010

Last week Wednesday, the talk show titled Let’z chat with Mel on the Series channel on DSTV had an interesting show. It was about women and technology.
I was quite excited to watch the show for two reasons:
1) I have heard quite a few talks or presentations on blogging but have never seen it on TV and a South African show. Very advanced for South African media and unconventional for a talk show.
2) The second reason is that one of the guests on the show was none other than Marlon Parker who is the director of RLabs, a community organisation based on Cape Flats. One of their initiatives is a project called Mom3.0, that teaches women how to use social media to make a change in their communities by using blogging in particular. He did an actual step by step presentation showing the viewers how easy it is to create their own blogs.

Madam Geek is proud to be associated with RLabs and all the women of Mom2.0 and Mom3.0. What an innovative initiative.

Exciting times ahead ladies!

This blog post was written and uploaded from my mobile. The pics were taken during the show while I was lounging on the couch. Wow, never knew blogging could be this easy!


She’s the Geek had a birthday…. March 19, 2010

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Our friend and fellow blogger Monique Theron (also known as She’s the Geek) had a birthday last Sunday (March, 14). We (Craig – kingross, Brentbrentsjourney and Renémadamgeek) decided to surprise her with a date at the Blue Peter Hotel in Blouberg. The sun was out (actually busy setting) while we were sitting and enjoying the late afternoon, evening out. What more could anyone ask: good food (well more desserts), good company, great atmosphere and stunning views of the ocean and sun setting? You know when there are geeks around; when most of the conversation went around technology, social media, blogging, taking photos with phones and cameras and of course tweeting and updating face book statuses during the date.

Here is a pic of Monique with Craig (her fiancé).

Yes, that is the sun streaming in behind them.