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Some History on Apple Products September 7, 2010

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Was checking out one of my favourite sites: Slideshare . And as usual I was searching Apple. Thought it would be good to share it with the rest of the Apple junkies out there!


What did you do with your apple today? September 6, 2010

Spent the last 6 hours on my iPhone. Apple has really come up with an amazing device. Yes, I’m an Apple junky. Each time I think I have done it all and experienced it all this little device surprises me. Maybe there are other phones that do similar or identical tasks but I’m sure it can’t be as smooth as on the iPhone.

I started off my evening reading emails and replying. Then of course moved on to Facebook and switched over to Twitter. Once in Twitter and reading peoples updates and following their links, I stumbled upon some interesting websites. Most of these I re-tweeted and shared. The most interesting one was on how to speed up your iPhone. Do you ever look at your screen and wonder when you actually downloaded a App? Well I do, most times I completely forget about it and it just fills up my screen. So I decided to do some housekeeping. Deleted Apps I have never used or Apps that turned out to be pure junk! Definitely not what they describe it as in the store. You can’t return it but you can throw it out.

Time was reserved for the daily, iTunes updates and checking what’s new in the App Store. Nothing intrigued me tonight so no new Apps were purchased. But I did spend a lot of time downloading some new 3D Apple wallpaper. Will put it on Slideshare tomorrow, when I get onto my Mac.

During the evening I broke away to fix dinner for my husband which took all of 5mins to put in the oven and served it 20mins later. You could say that I put my phone down for all of 25mins this evening, taking into account a toilet break and putting on a movie to watch in the background. And tonights movie choice was Pretty Woman. I was privileged to be served with tea and refreshments by my dear husband during this time.

After going back to my 2 favourite Apps: Facebook and Twitter I went on to vote on She’s the Geek and RLabs for the SA Blog Awards. A couple of my favourites nominated as well are: iGeek and Tertia and Micro Blogger: Clive. Well as anyone who has been voting knows what a process it is, it took me nearly 40mins to vote and confirm my votes from all 4 my email accounts. Maybe it was just my wi-fi connection that was a bit slow.

So now my last task for the night is my. WordPress App which I’m using to blog from right now. I’m trying to blog more often, but sometimes it’s hard to put into words what I have to say. But tell me: What did you do with your Apple today?


New from the App Store…Tiffany & Co. June 19, 2010

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I downloaded this App on my iPhone recently. It was released on 14 June 2010 by Tiffany & Co. and it is called: Engagement Ring Finder.

Well as I don’t need an engagment ring for obvious reasons, I had to play around with the App to see what it actually entails. So if you are not in the market to shop for an engagement ring or if don’t live in one of the countries listed in the App Store (like South Africa, we always missing out on these cool things) you can use the App to find out your ring size and see the various cut, colour, clarity of diamonds and ring designs.

Funny enough Marlon told me about this App and after I downloaded it and was spending quite a bit of time browsing he became real worried as I told him that ‘a girl can never have too many diamonds’. I’m sure he is glad that it is not available in South Africa lol.

This App is very useful for the guy who has to go out and buy an engagement ring by himself. I am sure he is nervous enough as it is to propose let alone choose a ring that his fiance might like and don’t talk about him finding out the ring size.


Sharing first pictures of Apple’s new iPhone 4 June 18, 2010

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Apple : iPad, the revolution has begun… May 13, 2010

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iPad rocks at #netprophet

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Madam Geek is at the Net Prophet today and what a wonderful place this is? My reasons might differ from the rest of the audience being that I feel like I am in Apple heaven. We have iPads, MacBooks, iPhones. These are only the ones surrounding me. I decided to go solo today, just me and my iPhone.

My friend asked me now if I wanted to borrow his laptop and I had to decline. From my iPhone I can tweet, blog, take pics and upload them, check my email and chat. So no need for a laptop today. Although I wouldn’t mind an iPad just about now. Anyone wanting to donate 1?

iPad has come to South Africa and is showing us the light!


The Apple experience – One bite had me Hooked May 11, 2010

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This a guest post by: She’s the Geek

Thank you She’s the Geek for sharing your experience with us.

Last week MadamGeek packed up her iPhone and gave She’s the Geek the opportunity to Review her Gadget for a few days. It truly was an amazing experience and every Geeky person’s dream come true.

The iPhone is the first of a new generation of phones: it’s a touchscreen smartphone running Apple’s OS X operating system. Instead of using buttons, joysticks, etc, the iPhone has icons that appear on the huge touch-sensitive screen. The screen is enormous, and the user interface is simply breathtaking.

When playing with the user interface you can begin to believe the hype. Touch the Phone icon on the screen and the address book appears; tap on a name and the iPhone makes a call. Touch the Photos icon and your photo album glides onto the screen.

Using the iPhone for me was simply an amazing experience; it was Love at first touch and hard to imagine ever going back to a normal phone.

The iPhone is an iPod too of course; you can download songs from iTunes on the move. 8 Gbytes is enough to store 2,000 songs. Other great features include the Safari web browser, Google Maps and built-in Wi-Fi support.

So, what to conclude about the iPhone? It’s clearly not just any phone, it’s a Revolutionary Phone and virtually a must have.