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Developer Competition Seeks Mobile Apps that Help Women October 11, 2010

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Nokia Developer News

The mWomen BOP (Base of Pyramid) App Challenge seeks mobile apps that can improve the lot of women in developing nations. Two cash prizes of $10,000 (USD) will be awarded, one to the developer of the best app for low-end mobile devices, and the other, for smartphones. Winners will also receive opportunites to showcase their apps to a working group of 20 mobile operators, consult with frog design, and meet with investment firm Carmel Ventures.

All entries are due by 7 December. The winners will be announced at the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2011.

Enter the mWomen BOP App Challenge.

Source: Forum.Nokia


I am … September 5, 2010

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I decided to unpack my novels in the attempt of finding an easy romantic read! You might ask: why do you have to unpack novels? Why not just have on a bookshelf? Well we have a cupboard with 3 shelves dedicated to all our books. Many of them are inspirational, motivational and even educational.

But to let you in on my secret: I love books and romantic, corny soppy ones are my favourite. So I keep them in a crate stashed away on top of my cupboard. These are my books and are not for public veiwing. Now don’t get me wrong and think they are these sordid X rated books. I like clean romance with a bit of comedy or drama (depending on my mood) and always a happy ending. It is a good read in my opinion if the guy chases the girl because he thinks she is the best thing that happened to him and knows that his life won’t be complete without her in it! Soppy? I know. I also enjoy Christian novels. If you seek you will find. So I found a couple of romantic, dramatic and really funny novels by brilliant Christian women. Nice and clean and edifying and sometimes a tear jerker.

I love reading and have always found reading to relax me and inspire me at the same time. My second favourite author is: Jill Mansel and she is English. I own 10 of her books and have read each one of them at least twice. She writes in my definition: Romantic Comedies. I do wish that someone would turn them into movies. They are always romantic, funny, insightful into the female psyche, dramatic and just pure pleasure. And an easy read, you don’t have to skip the middle to get to the best part. I just hate those kind of books when you need to skip a couple of pages out of pure boredom.

My addiction for the past year and a half has been the Twilight Saga. I have all four books and managed to convert quite a few of my friends as well. These I read all the time over and over again. I even read and re-read Midnight Sun: based on the first story from Edward’s point of view. It’s only available on the website of Stephanie Meyer the author. The movies have gotten mixed reviews. But I don’t think anyone can scrap the movies if they haven’t read the books.

And of course my all time favourite is Jane Austen. I even downloaded an app on my iPhone with all Jane Austen’s books. What a difficult life she led and a tragic way it ended. Alone! After writing about love and romance. When I was in England I went to visit her tomb at Winchester Cathedral. In 1800 she started reading her novels to her family but only in 1811, her first novel Sense and Sensibility was published. As we read, being a female in those days was challenging let alone to become a writer. Men had the privilege of choosing any career they desired. But that will have to be another blog post.

So now, I took down my box and unpacked all these books and started writing this blog post while flipping through some pages and trying to decide which one to choose to read tonight. 58 books are laying on my bed and I’m thinking: what posseessed me to take them out?

I am a hopeless romantic!


Trending right now onTwitter… April 14, 2010

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What is trending right now on Twitter:

Opera Mini Why? The iPhone app has been approved by Apple, so the browser should be available in the App Store soon (April 12)

Is anyone out there in iPhone land using it? Some of the reviews I managed to read a quite mixed.

The Opera Mini App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at