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What did you StumbleUpon today? October 1, 2010

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I do enjoy it when I StumbleUpon something easy. I have heard about and read about QR codes for a while now, but was never really interested to use it or get into it. I prefer things to be easy and just at my finger tips.

The best of the web at your fingertips

Download from the Apple Store
Or, on your phone’s browser, visit

Point your Android phone to this QR Code.
Your barcode reader should be able to read
it and launch the Market. (no code?)

Or, on your phone’s browser, visit

* Easily explore pages in your favorite topics and on top sites (Flickr, YouTube, Photos, News).
* The pages you bookmark from your phone are automatically synced with your StumbleUpon account
on the web, so you can access your favorites wherever you are.
* Share easily with anyone using Email, Facebook, or Twitter.
* Optimized experience just for your mobile device.
* It’s free, and it only takes a minute to download. Learn more.

After reading this and downloading it on my iPhone last night, I thought wow now all I have to do is open the QR Reader App on my phone and there you go. Easy as pie! I was quite excited to get to RLabs today and share it with the team. But by the time I mentioned ‘QR Codes’, everyone had already downloaded it on their mobile phones. Here I thought it was only available on the iPhone and Android phone as the post above says! Also She’s the Geek tells me that Rafiq from Web Addict already sent her a link this morning on Twitter.

So there you have it. When you think you just Stumble(d)Upon something interesting somewhere else someone else Stumble(d)Upon it first! I am just glad to be surrounded with all these geeks…


Screaming Gadget…4 August 27, 2010

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This is the fourth video in our Screaming Gadget series. We put one of our friends’ Shameez Liederman on the spot yesterday and asked her if she is brave enough to test this device. Watch the video to see her reaction.

This is the Personal Alarm from Ila Dusk based in the UK. It should be used in case of an emergency. Eg. When you are being attacked or you think someone is following and you are not feeling very safe. The screaming device will alert people around you that something is wrong and that you need some help. We haven’t tested it in a live attack yet. It is quite interesting to see how women react to this device when asked to test it. First the device screams on activation then the woman screams and laughs at the same time because of the high decibel screeching sound the device makes and maybe just pure shock!

More video’s will follow as we ask various individuals to test the device and tell us what they think and if it will help them.


Visiting Moms 3.0 by Veera Uusoksa June 19, 2010

This is a Guest post From The Penguin Trail – Cape to Cairo by Veera Uusoksa

It just so happened that I was in Cape Town for some open source related business (Freedom Toasters for Northern Cape) and decided to spend a weekend in town. I was dining at Kloof Street on Fr‎iday evening when Monique phones me asking if I would not like to visit RLabs the following day and join the Mom3.0 session. Well, of course I would. And what an amazing group of women it was!

RLabs is situated in Bridgetown under the shadows of the Athlone power station cooling towers “salt and pepper”. As I was turning off from N2, driving past a fancy looking mall through side streets and asking people for directions I was excited. I had heard about the work in the Reconstructed Living Lab, read about it and met Marlon Parker in quite a few events but never actually visited the centre. There is a few potential buildings on the street and it takes one U-turn to find the brown brick building with Youth Centre sign one can hardly read from a distance.

In front of the centre a legion of boys and young men greet me in the most polite way, giving directions and wanting to have a chat. I found it hard to believe that this is a community plagued with violence, drugs and gangsterism. Can’t quite put my finger on it but definitely something positive is cooking. First time in the community like this I felt a sense of pride. Or hope. Or future perhaps.

After the session there was no question about it. I want to be part of this! Yes, I will gladly spend a day in Athlone. There is no other place in the world I want to be right now but to watch community soccer and hear the old men shouting at the referee (some things don’t change no matter where in the world you are). Sun is shining, mountains surround the field and people are out.

And the moms? Mom3.0 Cafe Session is a social media gettogether for women. Twitter, blogging, Facebook and Gmail is shared every second Saturday by Monique Theron and Rene Parker. The class will last almost a year and after that ladies will be social media fundis. Monique herself is a graduate of the reconstructed class 2008 and blogging at She’s the Geek. At this session we concentrated on Twitter. Some where used to it, others signing up for the first time. Vibe at the session was fantastic to say the least. I had forgotten the special magic in all women technology groups. You can meet The Moms and feel the vibe on Twitter.

RLabs is “reconstructing communities through innovation”. Just check out their amazing projects and results. I surely was humbled and awed. It is rare one meets so many genuinly good people that inspire you to work better, smarter and get involved. I believe we found a perfect venue to launch our trail in January.


Sharing first pictures of Apple’s new iPhone 4 June 18, 2010

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I am Woman, Watch me Tweet! June 4, 2010

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Madam Geek and She’s the Geek is sitting around and geeking off. After much deliberation and discussion over whether a blog post of less than 140 characters is a blog post or a tweet? As Twitter is a micro blogging tool can you micro blog on a blog? Ok, we have decided to leave the answers to these questions to our readers.

On 26th May 2010 She’s the Geek published an article titled: Tweets by Gender. So the finding is that women tweet more than men.

At the same time RLabs had a Mom3.0 Cafe Session and interveiwed some of the women about the session as they were just introduced to Twitter for the very first time. Below is video of the one of the moms that is part of the Mom3.0 Cafe Sessions that is hosted by RLabs.

Here we are talking about Twitter and women and at the same time we have a woman who was just introduced to Twitter for the first time and suggests that: “each and every woman on this planet should use Twitter!”

I am Woman, Watch me Tweet!


She’s the Geek introduces Twitter May 24, 2010

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On Saturday morning She’s the Geek facilited another Mom3.0 cafe session for RLabs. The overall feedback from the moms were that they are excited to have an expert in their midst. We hoping She’s the Geek will have more sessions as the moms are so excited when they hear their facilitator is non other than a previous graduate of RLabs Monique Theron Ross. We have 10 new recruits to Twitter. Let’s see who becomes a ‘Twitster’ first. (A twitster is a twitter gangster, a name co-created within RLabs meaning someone who has over 1000 tweets).

I have included the presentation used to introduce Twitter to the group.


Blogging with the Bloggers! May 21, 2010

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Just chatting to Clinton and Craig now and we are discussing blogging. Clinton quotes: “If you can talk you can blog”. He said he heard that somewhere else but cannot remember who said that. Craig says: “Blogging is like an online journal”.

Why do we blog? What makes us want to share our thoughts and ideas on such a public space? What pushes you to read someone elses blog and let alone follow someone elses ramblings? Are you a blogger or just a follower?

Over the past week I have had various discussions with various individuals, around why they have a blog and why they blog. Some individuals went through the exciting process of creating their own blog. Yet they never went further to finalise the theme and add plug ins and widgets. Is the excitement of a new blog enough to keep you blogging? Choosing a platform is the most tedius task. How do you even decide between: blogger, ning, wordpress, posterous, etc? Ok, that’s a lot of questions.

Below are Clinton and Craig sitting in my office. A couple of real life and active bloggers.

After asking some bloggers why they chose a certain platform a few of the answers were: Craig Ross says: “I was experiementing and playing around with various platforms and came across wordpress and liked it. Now I have a self hosted blog on a WordPress platform. WordPress for me is easier build on and add on as it is an open source platform as well”. Clinton Liederman: “If I can be honest I looked at various blogs and the platform I was exposed to was Blogger. But after trying it out and using it for a while I became bored with themes and templates. Blogger is perfect for people wanting to start out as everything is easy, clear and well layed out. After watching my friends sign up to wordpress and seeing the different themes and templates I jumped ship, and I now I have a wordpress blog.”

I had started off in 2007 with my first blog. The reason I decided to start blogging was more peer pressure (everyone was starting their own blogs) and pure frustration. I needed a place to air my thoughts and really just get some things off my chest. I will not put you through the agony of actually linking that blog to this site. That process was short lived and after a couple of blog posts my enthusium died out. A lesson well learnt for me. Don’t start a blog if you just want to vent.

In September 2009 after some thought, delliberation and inspiration we started Madam Geek. And my dear friend Monique and I launched She’s the Geek at the same time.

So my dear friends and readers my advice to anyone wanting to start blogging. Think about it and make it your own. It has to be something you would continue using and sharing with others. Our ideas and experiences are not our own, we have them to share with others.

Love Madam Geek