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Screaming Gadget…3 August 25, 2010

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After we showed you and ourselves how to arm and disarm the alarm, we interviewed our friend Mel and watch what she has to say about her experience.

Over the next couple of days we will have different women use the device and share with us their experiences.

Apparently the battery lasts up to 3 years. So you will need to get a new gadget after 3 years.


Screaming Gadget…2

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So, this post follows on from Screaming Gadget…1. After setting off the alarm we had to at least show you how to disarm it!

Watch out for Screaming Gadget…3!


Screaming Gadget …1

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Today She’s the Geek received a gadget for women from Ila Dusk based in the UK. They are a security company and are promoting a Personal Alarm for Women. It looks like a mini cellphone or large keyring. You can attach it to your handbag and if someone tries to attack you, you pull the metal chain and the alarm goes off.

Well we opened the package and pulled the alarm. You have to watch the video to hear what sound the alarm makes!

To know how to disarm the alarm watch “Screaming Gadget…Part2.