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New from the App Store…Tiffany & Co. June 19, 2010

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I downloaded this App on my iPhone recently. It was released on 14 June 2010 by Tiffany & Co. and it is called: Engagement Ring Finder.

Well as I don’t need an engagment ring for obvious reasons, I had to play around with the App to see what it actually entails. So if you are not in the market to shop for an engagement ring or if don’t live in one of the countries listed in the App Store (like South Africa, we always missing out on these cool things) you can use the App to find out your ring size and see the various cut, colour, clarity of diamonds and ring designs.

Funny enough Marlon told me about this App and after I downloaded it and was spending quite a bit of time browsing he became real worried as I told him that ‘a girl can never have too many diamonds’. I’m sure he is glad that it is not available in South Africa lol.

This App is very useful for the guy who has to go out and buy an engagement ring by himself. I am sure he is nervous enough as it is to propose let alone choose a ring that his fiance might like and don’t talk about him finding out the ring size.


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