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Is it too cold to blog? June 17, 2010

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Is it really too cold to blog? I haven’t blogged in just about a week.

I spent the last part of my day chatting to my friend Monique or as the world knows her She’s the Geek. We had an interesting chat and as always I left with my head full of stuff. She mentioned that I haven’t been that active on Social Networks and I mentioned that she has been quiet. Even Marlon kept asking me when last I blogged? So my answer to both of them was that I haven’t felt inspired.

I only write and share my thoughts when I feel I have something to write about and have sonething worth sharing.

When I asked Monique why she’s been quiet she said: “it’s too cold to blog”.

On my way home I kept thinking about this. What makes us stop doing what we normally love doing for a while? Is it too ‘cold’ to blog, get on a social network (like twitter, facebook, gtalk, skype), be sociable, put yourself out there? Well ‘cold’ could mean different things to different people or in different situations. And yes sometimes it is too ‘cold’. Sometimes it’s ok to shut down and just be! Nothing lasts, it has to get warmer sooner or later.

So as I’m heating up (literally as I’m sitting next to the fire) and felt inspired to blog tonight after a whole week of not even visiting my blog, I would like to thank my friend for listening to me whine about where I am at and what’s frustrating me right now.

I do feel so much better and feeling inspired right now. So to everyone out there feeling ‘cold’, don’t worry you will heat up and find your groove again!

So to answer the question: Is it too cold to blog? Yes, sometimes it is!


8 Responses to “Is it too cold to blog?”

  1. Clinton Says:

    I definitely can relate to this. However we all have different ways we react when “its too cold” and people ask “why?” At a time I went through this it was very difficult to get out of that rut but I’m glad I’m back now stronger than ever. Thanks for the good read.

    • madamgeek Says:

      Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you got out of your rut. Even though I didn’t visit my own blog, at least I could still read the rest of your blogs. Thanks for keeping the blogging alive.

  2. Tamzin Says:

    Hey Rene, yes maybe it is too cold and my excuse when asked “why haven’t you blogged recently?” is also “I haven’t felt inspired” yet our readers are waiting for the next read. I find that my ups and downs determine my blogging frequency, so when I have the more challenging days or weeks I tend to remove my self from the wwworld. But in times like these the RLabs team usually start encouraging me and asking me for the next blog :). Blogging is not easy to maintain but when you get feedback on how your read has just touched someone’s life or that you’ve increased someone’s knowledge then you know that it works and it warms your heart to write the next blog SOON.

    Hey I’m out and off to write my next blog. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

    • madamgeek Says:

      Thank Tamzin for the comment. That’s also why one of the rules for blogging is when reading another blog and you found something interesting to comment on someone elses blog as well, and encourage each other. Happy blogging. Looking forward to your next post:-)

  3. Michael Says:

    So does this mean inspiration flows in a warm fuzzy feeling. Well I have no excuse to why I don’t blog at all, I think I need blog counselling lol.

  4. Firstly thanks for the mention, a few weeks ago I posted a comment saying I’m a Blogger for Life but that saying died quickly. I personally felt since the opening of the World Cup I was under attack “Vuvuzela Attack” I called it that had me feeling anti social media, so yes I found myself saying it’s to cold to blog merely because like a trend everything kind of fades out. Blogging is definitely a social media tool with endurance which means the pace should be right or you will burn out 🙂 Today I find myself back on track and am ready to run the Blogging race. Thanks MadamGeek for the chat and the inspiration. Love She’s the Geek

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