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Angel on MXit supports over 23,000 (via RLabs) June 17, 2010

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Guest post by RLabs.

Another exciting project that RLabs have been involved in has been the Angel on MXit project where we offer people support and advice in the areas of substance abuse, abuse, depression, debt counselling,stress and coping via their mobile phones. This partnership with MXit Lifestyle will allow us to scale our services and also provide much needed access to all MXit users. The Angel project allows MXit users to “find their Angel” where they can get help for the social issue they are dealing with.

Over the next few weeks we will increase the capacity of our mobile counselling support centre and grow it to support thousands of MXit users across South Africa. Since starting our new campaign yesterday we’ve already attracted more than 23,000 users to the service.


2 Responses to “Angel on MXit supports over 23,000 (via RLabs)”

  1. Curious to see how many people we will have online on Monday for the counselling.Takes me back to the old days.Great stuff all RLABS staff.Keep up the good work:-)

    • madamgeek Says:

      Yes, Monday is going to be interesting. I was just reading one of the old newspaper articles on how to add the mxit contact in June 2009. A year ago it was written and it is amazing to see how this project has evolved the last couple of months. So glad we still have some of the first counsellors with us!

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