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I am Woman, Watch me Tweet! June 4, 2010

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Madam Geek and She’s the Geek is sitting around and geeking off. After much deliberation and discussion over whether a blog post of less than 140 characters is a blog post or a tweet? As Twitter is a micro blogging tool can you micro blog on a blog? Ok, we have decided to leave the answers to these questions to our readers.

On 26th May 2010 She’s the Geek published an article titled: Tweets by Gender. So the finding is that women tweet more than men.

At the same time RLabs had a Mom3.0 Cafe Session and interveiwed some of the women about the session as they were just introduced to Twitter for the very first time. Below is video of the one of the moms that is part of the Mom3.0 Cafe Sessions that is hosted by RLabs.

Here we are talking about Twitter and women and at the same time we have a woman who was just introduced to Twitter for the first time and suggests that: “each and every woman on this planet should use Twitter!”

I am Woman, Watch me Tweet!


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