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Can a blog make money? May 29, 2010

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Hell yea!

This morning I was part of the RLabs team where we had iGeek (Gerhard Portgieter) with us. He was generous enough to take a couple of hours out of his Saturday morning to give us some tips on Monetizing your blog!

Talk was very interesting and insightful. Who knew what has been happening in the blogerspere all this time where money has been made.

Some important tips from Gerhard are:
1. never blog for the sake of money
2. important to build a following

Things to help you get results faster:
*focus you blog (niche)
*be passionate about your subject
*be obsessed about your topic
*build a following
“when you combine all of these you will build a following easily”

Different ways of generating income through:

There are 2 popular advertisement companies in South Africa used to run online advertising:
1. Google AdSense
Uses the pricing model: cpc – cost per click (every click) and cpm – cost per mile (every thousand views)
2. Adgator
Uses only the cpm model and also the 50:50 revenue share

*product reviews

*affiliate programs (if your blog is focused on local market) (if your blog is focused on international market)
trafficsynergy and offerforge (cpc) is used by iGeek

Sell Merchandise
put your logo on a t-shirt and give a few away and sell the rest on your blog. People like wearing a t-shirt with a website address on

eg. PayPal
put a donation button on your site

*Public Speaking
take it offline. share your blog with others

*Guest posting
guest blogging. sharing your blog online

Some Advice from iGeek
*do not be desperate to make money from ads by placing it all over your site
*try and keep your content clean of advertisements
*try and make the ads blend in with the theme of your website, Google Adsense allows you to customise the look of text ads
*don’t click on your own ads, most ad providers can pick this up and will disable your account

After this we were ready to set up google adsense

These are just some steps I managed to capture while listening and blogging at the same time:
Create an AdSense. If you have a GMail account even better. You just need to log in and there you go.
Log in on your WordPress blog
Go to Appearance
Go to Editor
Theme Files
Click on Sidebar
Recommended to use the following
300X250 medium retangle
125X125 button
corner styles
show public service ads
adsense unit name
code embed into blog
(all of these will make sense once you have the screen open)

After listening to all of this, I was told that it will only work on a self hosted blog. Unfortunately, I can not run google ads on my blog as I don’t have a self hosted blog. So my dear readers, what should I do?

Here are some pics of our morning!


4 Responses to “Can a blog make money?”

  1. Gerhard Says:

    Hi, I did some investigation and to put it simple hosted blogs are not allowed to place ads on their blogs. You can however apply for special permition but only if you have 25000+ pageviews per month.

    More info regarding advertisements and is here

  2. madamgeek Says:

    thank you for the effort. I decided to keep the ads to shesthegeek and keep this blog just for fun and my personal playground. you were great saturday morning. appreciate you taking out your time to be with us.

  3. I love this blog post.So in depth and you really covered everything. Great stuff Mrs Parker:-)

    God bless

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