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Blogging with the Bloggers! May 21, 2010

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Just chatting to Clinton and Craig now and we are discussing blogging. Clinton quotes: “If you can talk you can blog”. He said he heard that somewhere else but cannot remember who said that. Craig says: “Blogging is like an online journal”.

Why do we blog? What makes us want to share our thoughts and ideas on such a public space? What pushes you to read someone elses blog and let alone follow someone elses ramblings? Are you a blogger or just a follower?

Over the past week I have had various discussions with various individuals, around why they have a blog and why they blog. Some individuals went through the exciting process of creating their own blog. Yet they never went further to finalise the theme and add plug ins and widgets. Is the excitement of a new blog enough to keep you blogging? Choosing a platform is the most tedius task. How do you even decide between: blogger, ning, wordpress, posterous, etc? Ok, that’s a lot of questions.

Below are Clinton and Craig sitting in my office. A couple of real life and active bloggers.

After asking some bloggers why they chose a certain platform a few of the answers were: Craig Ross says: “I was experiementing and playing around with various platforms and came across wordpress and liked it. Now I have a self hosted blog on a WordPress platform. WordPress for me is easier build on and add on as it is an open source platform as well”. Clinton Liederman: “If I can be honest I looked at various blogs and the platform I was exposed to was Blogger. But after trying it out and using it for a while I became bored with themes and templates. Blogger is perfect for people wanting to start out as everything is easy, clear and well layed out. After watching my friends sign up to wordpress and seeing the different themes and templates I jumped ship, and I now I have a wordpress blog.”

I had started off in 2007 with my first blog. The reason I decided to start blogging was more peer pressure (everyone was starting their own blogs) and pure frustration. I needed a place to air my thoughts and really just get some things off my chest. I will not put you through the agony of actually linking that blog to this site. That process was short lived and after a couple of blog posts my enthusium died out. A lesson well learnt for me. Don’t start a blog if you just want to vent.

In September 2009 after some thought, delliberation and inspiration we started Madam Geek. And my dear friend Monique and I launched She’s the Geek at the same time.

So my dear friends and readers my advice to anyone wanting to start blogging. Think about it and make it your own. It has to be something you would continue using and sharing with others. Our ideas and experiences are not our own, we have them to share with others.

Love Madam Geek


7 Responses to “Blogging with the Bloggers!”

  1. Craig Says:

    I love this blog post and i am a fan of MadamGeek 🙂 tell us why do you blog?

    • madamgeek Says:

      Thanks Craig. I blog for various reasons but personally I love getting comments on what I have written. Feedback is always good! Whether it’s what I want to hear or not. So continue to comment on blogs you read.

  2. Wow another great post and mention 🙂 MadamGeek I am a bit of both Blogger and Follower and do enjoy my source of Freedom. I’m a Blogger for Life

  3. Gerhard Says:

    Great post, allot of people struggle to give you an answer about why they blog. I always say, blogging must not feel like a job or task to you, it must come natural.

    When you go sit down in front of you computer, you must not wonder what am I going to write about now. Rather you must be drawn to the computer to write because you have a nice idea for a post.

    • madamgeek Says:

      Thanks for the response. It’s always helpful to hear what other people have to share. I do agree with being drawn to blog first and not sit down and then think about it.

  4. Great post.Blogging is about passion, perserverance.At times you could run out of things to blog but then it costs on to be innovative.Looking forward to the next post:-)

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