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Packed up my iPhone May 6, 2010

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Packed up my iPhone and getting ready for the hand over later tonight. Next time I update it will be from a N900! @shesthegeek are you ready?


6 Responses to “Packed up my iPhone”

  1. Craig Dumont Says:

    That’s great news Madam Geek. You are very brave to explore the best mobile technology has to offer. Please keep us posted on your experience…one last thing check out the features for business. Njoy it.

  2. kimberley Says:

    Hey thanks for the congrats comment on my blog! Very excited! Monique looks stunning in her dress, wow 🙂 Anyways just checked out a pic of the n900 – what an awesome phone! I like that it has a keypad – that’s one reason why I wouldn’t get an iphone…hmm…! let me know how you enjoy it 🙂

    • madamgeek Says:

      yes, monique looked stunning in her wedding dress! You might have to try the iPhone first, because then the no keypad seems like a minor price to pay. the n900 is a real beauty though, nice and sleek

  3. Marlon Says:

    I do agree that the N900 is a great mobile device and in my opinion its much better than the iPhone 🙂

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