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Lights on Lights off! May 4, 2010

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Lights on Lights off!

While watching TV on this rainy evening at home the lights go off all of a sudden. Quite scary as I was sitting alone in the lounge. It took me exactly 10 seconds to react and get into survival mode. Firstly I picked up my iPhone and used the Flashlight App for light. Found the candles and lit them.

After being satisfied that there is sufficient light in the house and checking up on Marlon and Kate (both of them were on Skype calls with their laptops and 3G modems) I sat down and entertained myself with some Apps on my phone. Thinking back it might be a strange sight to see 3 people sitting in the dark in seperate rooms and each one doing their own thing using their preferred technology.

When the door bell rang, I jumped up. It was our next door neighbours, an elderly couple walking around in their pj’s finding out if our lights are also off. Very funny sight seeing this couple wearing long night gowns and carrying a flash light and some sort of portable light in their hands ringing the neighbours doorbells. One good thing came out of and that is that I got to finally meet my neighbours after living here 8 months.

Back in the house both Skype conversations were carrying on in the dark as if nothing happened. Isn’t technology amazing?

Even though our lights may be on one minute and off the next. Technology is always there and we can choose how to use it. So thank you 3G for keeping us connected tonight.

Lights on Lights off!


4 Responses to “Lights on Lights off!”

  1. You just got to love technology! 😀

  2. kimberley Says:

    It’s amazing how we rely on technology for even the smallest things! What did we use to do in the 90s?!

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