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She’s the Geek is married! April 27, 2010

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Congratulations Monique and Craig on your wedding day!

She’s the Geek got married today. The wedding went off smoothly and the bride was on time! It’s the first I see a bride ready to leave for the church before the rest of her bridal party. Monique made sure that she would be on time.

I had the privilege of assisting her today. Let me tell you it was a bit hard keeping her away from both her cellphones. Monique went through getting dressed, the church ceremony and posing for photos without tweeting.

But by the time she was getting freshened up for the reception, I felt sorry for her and gave her her phone for a few minutes. She decided to update her twitter status with the few precious minutes at her disposal with her cellphone. Below is a pic of Monique in the ladies with her phone busy tweeting. All this was happening while the groom was waiting outside in the hallway.

Well done my dear friend. You did very well today, even though the minister in the church referred to both you and Craig as “geeks” during the ceremony!


4 Responses to “She’s the Geek is married!”

  1. Marlon Says:

    Yes what a wonderful wedding and SHe’s the Geek aka Monique looked beautiful. Congratulations to both Craig and Monique and many blessings to you. Love the withdrawal pic above with your cellphone 😉

  2. Clinton316 Says:

    Congrats to both Monique and Craig. I don’t know how you two managed to not tweet today. Well done and God bless!

  3. markbyrd Says:

    May GOD Bless!!! Mark

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