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A 7year old and an iPhone – Pushing our boundaries April 11, 2010

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Today I was facinated when I watched my 7yr old nephew handle my phone.

My afternoon started out with me taking my nephew and his friends out to the gaming centre. I thought I will have time to read or catch up on my blogging while waiting for them to get done playing or finally run out of tokens. Well it turned out to take a surprising turn of events for me. Firstly, I was dragged from game to game where I had to watch them play, cheer them on and of course hand out more tokens. They kept on asking: “don’t you have more money?” And I was asked to be player 2 at a football game (I really had no idea what I was doing). My partner was a 8yr old who knew a whole lot about football and which buttons to use for kicking, running, blocking, etc. He made it seem so easy. There was another game I was asked to be player 2 to my 7yr old nephew but cannot remember the name, I know it had to do with kicking, jumping, hitting and many tokens. I actually spent 3 hours going from game to game and watching how these 7, 8 year olds can play a game for the first time and just know how it works. After much persuasion and a bit of bribery we finally left for home.

On the drive home one the kids ask me if I have an iPhone? And if I use it to watch TV. He says that you are supposed to be able to watch on the I Phone. So then they decide they going to play with it. The only instructions I gave them was that to get back to the main screen, you have to push the round middle button with the square on it. By this time my nephew is asking me if there are games on it. While he was scrolling through the screens my phone rings. He answers it. Now this was a surprise for me as most people who have used my phone for the first time never know how to answer it. But my 7 yr old nephew knew how to answer and end the call. While I’m driving and trying to think about how he knew that, I turn around and hear him speaking on the phone to my mom (his ma), telling her he is on his way home. Firstly, how on earth did he make a call and secondly, what about my airtime? When I asked him how he did it, he says: “I saw the keypad and touched in ma’s number and touched the green button”.

It makes me feel so old when I have to say: “these young kids of today”. They are fearless and ready to try anything, especially when it comes to technology and pushing the boundaries.

I would like to encourage us all (myself included) to become fearless when it comes to technology or new devices. The boundaries will only expand if push it and dive in head first.


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