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iPhone WordPress and the ‘Sell Outs’ April 7, 2010

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I was just reminded by a friend that I am the last one in my group of geeky friends to still use the old fashioned blog. One by one over the past year they have all started getting their personal domains.

To name a few of them: marlonparker ; kingross ; reagenallen and the latest one brentsjourney . The only one allowed to have moved over to her own domain with no resentment from my part is my friend and sister blog: shesthegeek. I do tease the rest of them and say that they all are sell outs!

And of course we have had loads of discussions: when does a blog become a website? Is it still a blog once you move over to your personal domain that you have to pay for? Isn’t the whole idea of having your own blog that it is free and you don’t have to pay for it every month? It is easy to use and plug ins are easy as well as changing gravatars and avatars?

Well I seem to be the only person left believing that theory. I must admit though, my biggest reservation is that I do love blogging from my iPhone WordPress app and don’t want to loose that. I have not figured out how to use the WordPress app to load a domained blog (is this even a word?). You see that is the nice thing about having your own blog you can pretty much write whatever you like.

So are there any iPhone app gurus out there that can either create an app to use so that I can blog directly from my phone to my blog just the same like using the website or show me how to hack it? Here is a screen shot of the current apps on my iPhone and obviously my most frequented app: WordPress!

I do need to make time to write a post on which apps are most useful to have and those that are just plain friendly.


3 Responses to “iPhone WordPress and the ‘Sell Outs’”

  1. craig Says:

    to start with blogger and move on the wordpress was a big jump but to have your own domain is a bigger jump but much more fun you should try it madam geek. 🙂

  2. madamgeek Says:

    Thanks Kingross, I might just try it if I get a sponsored domain!

  3. I love this post as you are always keeping us on our feet i see.I noticed last night when you congratulated me on the new domain,you said”Congratulations on the the new blog/domain…” still not sure what it is.Ok i need an answer as well.Good point you make about how using wordpress was cause it is free,makes a whole lot of sense. hehehe

    Good post.Looking forward to the next challenge to keep us on lour feet.

    ps.The only thing is now i cant see how many people come and view my domain:-(

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