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Thank You @bandwidthblog April 6, 2010

This morning the winner of the uncapped MWEB adsl competition was announced on Bandwidthblog. And the winner was none other than Monique Theron our very own and much loved and respected She’s the Geek.

Thank you bandwidthblog for running the competition. It is very exciting firstly to have a female win and secondly to get the review from a female perspective.

We have asked Monique to rate the MWEB uncapped ADSL and tell us all about the service and usage over the next 2 months. After May 2010 she will write a formal blog post on the overall experience.

So to our faithful readers you will get to read the the review first hand. You can also follow this blog and read what She’s the Geek has to say about her MWEB ADSL uncapped bandwidth experience.

She’s the Geek ‘s tagline is: Empowering Women through Technology! We look forward to the experience ahead.


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