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XBOX, 7 year old and me… April 4, 2010

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Happy Easter everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful day. The latter part of my day was spent playing XBOX with my 7 year old nephew. Playing games is not my idea of a relaxing Sunday afternoon. After much persuasion from his side, I decided to entertain this idea.

So we started off with Carl (my 7 year old nephew) giving me a quick explanation of all the buttons on the controls. He chose Indiana Jones as the first game. I had to choose my avatar and of course he was player 1 as he was more experienced than me. I was repeatedly told that as a beginner I will find it difficult to remember which buttons do what on the contols. Carl then decided to choose my avatar as I was taking too long to decide whom I wanted to be. I must say for a person of a bit more than average intellect, I felt pretty dumb through most of the game as I kept on having to ask him to explain what just happened and why my points were staying at 100 and heeds rapidly getting close to 3000. Well I decided that after 30mins of playing XBOX with a 7 year old that they are not very patient individuals when it comes to gaming. Yet they are quite relentless in getting you to stay in the game and not give up.

I’m not sure if Carl wanted me to continue playing with him (even though I proved to be no match for his mad skills) out of wanting ‘me’ to play with him or out of clear desperation of not wanting to play alone.

Next up was Kung Fu Panda. Clearly going into the negative with your points is not a good thing! I had to call it quits as my fingers were burning from having to push the buttons at such a rapid speed in trying to keep up with my opponent.

I enjoyed the experience and had no idea that someone so little could do such big damage to my self esteem! Need to get practising before he comes back. I’m determined to win at least one game! He called out to me as he left: “I’m coming back tomorrow aunty, then we can play again!” I just smiled and said: “sure Carl”.


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