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EEC2010 March 28, 2010

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Yesterday, Saturday 27 March we hosted a Womens Conference titled Educate, Empower & Conquer: I am Woman!

The venue was at Ratanga Junction Theme Park in one of the venues. Staff were amazing and very professional. Excellent service we received.

Wow what an amazing day we had? The women braved the weather and come out in full force bright and early on this saturday morning. There were 152 women dressed up and ready to enjoy their day.

I have to apologise for not blogging or tweeting the event. The minute I started writing, someting needed to be done and I had to lay down my phone. It’s no joke keeping over 150 women captivated and interested for 6 hours straight. But it was successfully achieved!

The team of ladies I worked with are amazing and each one has their gifting and talent. Quite a dynamic and diverse group of ladies, with excellent team working skills.

Here are a few pics of our preparation leading up to the big day. We spent 2 late nights/early mornings setting up and preparing to get everything just right!

Look out for further posts about this conference. Lots more to share!!!


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