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What do you do when your internet is “broke”? March 25, 2010

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Go sleep!

Yesterday evening I thought I broke my 3G modem. My friend is here from the UK and I was trying to get her connected. Actually I just gave her the USB 3G Vodafone modem and told her how easy it is to install and use it. I had high praise for this device and it’s connectivity. Well you can imagine why: her being from the UK, with high speed broadband, 24/7 access that’s literally free!

After Julia’s 5th attemp of trying to get onto the world wide web, I finally got out of my seat to go and help her. I have never had a problem connecting with my Vodafone 3G. So what could the problem be?

After attempt #6, trying various ports on her laptop, switching on mine, using an extra laptop as well, swapping sim cards and even trying the Telkom USB. Nothing worked! This was a mystery to me and relunctantly I then decided to plug in our network cable and used the ADSL! The ADSL line we have at home is such a waste – but that is another blog post!

In RLabs we use a term: “who broke the Internet”. Well it seemed to be me. After 1.5hours of trying to connect Julia to the Internet so that she can Skype her husband to say that she arrived safely in South Africa (did I mention that she just arrive yesterday?) I answered a call from my friend Monique also known as She’s the Geek.

During chatting and catching up I tell her about my battle with my 3G connections. To my surprise she tells me that hers is not working either! I’m thinking how can this be? Monique is very quick when it comes to technology, so she discovered that she couldn’t connect via her mobile phone either. I did not even think of trying to connect via my phone. So the conclusion we came to is that Vodacom service provider was down and data usage was non existent. We could use vodacom to make and receive calls and SMS’s but not access the Internet.

Monique who is an avid Vodacom supporter was now using MTN to browse the Internet for the evening. What has this wwworld come to – When your Vodacom data connection cannot give you access to something so important as the internet, you have to resort to using Telkom ADSL and surf the Internet via your mobile phone using MTN?

So, what do you do when your Internet is “broke”? Go sleep. That’s what I did because after trying my phone to check what’s happenning out there and getting no response going to sleep was the next best thing for me to do.

I guess if my Internet was not broken and I didn’t go to sleep so early, I would not of been up at 2.30 in the morning blogging from my phone while laying in bed! It’s after 3.40am now and I have read my Twitter streams, facebook status updates and newsfeeds and read and replied to emails. Oh yes, and of course blogged!

Now I feel sleepy and need a couple of hours more sleep….


2 Responses to “What do you do when your internet is “broke”?”

  1. clinton Says:

    Hey Madame Geek, love this post and the writing style. By the way im an MTN subscriber and was the only one at home who could access the internet via my phone. Well done on this post 🙂

    • madamgeek Says:

      Thank you for your comment. It’s always good to hear fellow bloggers out there have to say. At least someone could go online last Thursday evening:) happy blogging!

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