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She’s the Geek had a birthday…. March 19, 2010

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Our friend and fellow blogger Monique Theron (also known as She’s the Geek) had a birthday last Sunday (March, 14). We (Craig – kingross, Brentbrentsjourney and Renémadamgeek) decided to surprise her with a date at the Blue Peter Hotel in Blouberg. The sun was out (actually busy setting) while we were sitting and enjoying the late afternoon, evening out. What more could anyone ask: good food (well more desserts), good company, great atmosphere and stunning views of the ocean and sun setting? You know when there are geeks around; when most of the conversation went around technology, social media, blogging, taking photos with phones and cameras and of course tweeting and updating face book statuses during the date.

Here is a pic of Monique with Craig (her fiancé).

Yes, that is the sun streaming in behind them.


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