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I just a session with Brent Williams and Craig Ross teaching them how to tweek their blogs.

Wow, this is history in the making! Both Brent and Craig rank among the best bloggers out there. I would recommend everyone to read their blogs and follow them on Twitter. They call themselves geeks! And now for the first time I could show them a trick or two. Very interesting. And here I thought I would have nothing to blog about at the end of the day….

Come on Clinton get blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!! See Clinton in the pic below learning as well.

Check out their blogs: and



  1. Craig Says:

    Hi there Reno.I am commenting from Craigs email address:-)

    Thank you for the workshop that you gave us and we really learnt a lot hey!! I think this just inspired us all to blog more. I think that after this workshop,we should have a blog – off.Lets each post 5 blog post for the week and post each other’s links out there.

    Let us know about this. Looking forward to your next blog post.

    • madamgeek Says:

      I like that idea. Just need to figure out how to post links to and from blogs on Twitter and facebook from my phone. I might never use my pc again!

  2. craig Says:

    I knew you got something to teach us let us see more of the geeky side of you Reno.

  3. reagenallen Says:

    Madam, I need help as well:) Please help

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