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Why do we do what we do? March 16, 2010

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I spent a day out with my girlfriends last month. And obviously we had loads of fun! Who doesn’t have fun when they are out with good friends?

We started the day with going to a Women’s Expo at the Cape Town Convention Centre. Had some fun looking around and collecting all the free goodies they were giving away. Of course our bags were getting heavier by the minute.

We tested and tried out various things on promotion but what took 1st prize for us was sitting in the Alfa Romeo cars at the expo. 

The salesman was very kind and after we sat in the cars and took photos he wiped the doors with a cloth.

Next stop was finding a place for lunch. Twelve Apostles Hotel, Cafe was on the menu. We had high tea and snack platters.

Spent some more time chatting and laughing and enjoying the 5 star service.

Next stop was Canal Walk,Century City. Did some shopping and had frozen yoghurt. Hmmm yummy!

The question asked above: Why do we do what we do? Answer: Because we are women and we can!

Does that sound too corny? I don’t think so. We underestimate the power of friendship and more importantly spending time together. Women are definitely wired differently to men. We find pleasure in the simplest of things.

Well before I get all sentimental, I actually wanted to chat about how we used technology that day to capture, engage and to record moments of the day. But maybe I should leave it for another day! Stay tuned to read more about how we as women use technology to improve our everyday lives.


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